Psalm 93:4-5

The LORD on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea. Thy testimonies are very sure: holiness becometh thine house, O LORD, for ever.


To all our Praying Partners and Monetary Supporters,

I want to take this opportunity to sincerely and from the bottom of my heart say a big thank you to each one of you all. I have no words to put together to express how deeply l appreciate you all. You are so special to God’s work and to us. Your concern, prayers, and monetary support are awesome. The ministry has remained strong. We praise Him so much.

1) Churches – IGMK

Despite the Covid19 pandemic, the churches are doing wonderfully well, spiritually and numerically. New converts have continued to join some of our churches every Sunday.   We praise the Lord for the great things He is doing through His faithful servants. Twelve new fellowships were started during this tough period of the Covid-19 pandemic. Glory be to God.

2) Bible College – IGMC

We began the Bible classes very well this year. Pastor-students are attending classes. The only challenge at the Bible College is most of the students are unable to afford paying the small fees we ask in order to run the College. In this vein, l appeal to well- wishers for scholarship funds.  US $ 35 per student per month for a period of two years or three years. A certificate is a two-year program and a Diploma requires three years. God has brought on the College board a Nigerian pastor/teacher. He is a university graduate. This has given our College a new face. To God be the glory.

3) Orphans – HCC

The orphan children are doing well and all are in different schools in the country and a few in Uganda. God has been so good to them. He has protected all of them from the Covid19 pandemic. The children get the Word of God taught to them daily. Raising them is challenging. Children are children all over the world. With all, God is good and faithful in providing.

4) Christian Schools – HCS

With strict government requirements having been set for running the schools, we’re still struggling to meet these conditions. We are left with 16 classrooms to be built. This means about 68% of the work is done. Consider praying with us for the full implementation of the government’s conditions.

5) Praises

  • Protection from the covid-19 pandemic
  • Success of two big conferences in 2020: the Annual General Conference in October & the December Youth conference
  • New pastors & church workers enrolling in the Bible classes.
  • Protection of my family & God’s faithful provision
  • College bathrooms are almost complete.
  • Lodwar Satellite School to start August 2021
  • Successful Orphans’ Christmas Party 2020 – thanks to all who gave for this
  • Thanks for the Masaba well drilling.
  • Continued support and prayers

6)  Needs and Requests:

  • College scholarships for Pastor-students – US $35 per pastor per month
  • Christian Schools’ classrooms completion. Sixteen more classrooms needed.
  • Eight motorcycles, transportation means for pastors who stay far from their preaching stations
  • Relief food to hunger-stricken Lodwar brethren
  • For the Lord to raise our personal & ministry support to somewhere reasonable
  • Operational funds for the Lodwar Satellite School


Psalm 23:6 is my prayer for you all. Stay blessed by our good Lord God.

Yours in His Exciting Ministry,

Pastor Wilson Maungo