“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint” (Isa. 40:31). Waiting is always burdensome, but rewarding. Some years ago, when the first post-war election, which brought former president Charlies Taylor to power, was coming in Liberia, I was contacted by a political party to do some t-shirt printing for their campaign (I am an artist by profession). I was told to go to the party’s headquarters by 9:00 AM the next morning to discuss the contract. By 8:30 AM, I was at the office, and after waiting up to 10:30 AM, I began to complain. So, I sent message to the lady who had invited me that I wanted to leave, but she told me to wait. Patiently, I waited for three more hours, and every time I became impatient and wanted to leave, the lady, who was in a long meeting with party officials, would send message back to me: “Tell him to wait.”  By 4:30 PM, after 8 hours of waiting, she called me in to their meeting, and after discussion with the party officials, I was given a lucrative T-shirt printing contract. I said to myself, “Wow, it is good to wait.”

After a long Covid-19 lockdown that brought the country to a standstill for months, life has returned to normal, even though our cases still stand at 2,014 with 85 deaths. I hear people from the US tell me, “Pastor, there is no Covid -19 in Liberia.” I would asked them, “Why are you saying that?” They tell me, “See how people are careless- they don’t wear masks, no social distancing.” Well, the Lord has been protecting us and we are grateful for His protection.

Ministries and Family Update

We want to thank all of our supporters, who continue to pray and support our works here at Calvary. As Covid-19 continues to make life difficult for many around the world, and Liberia being no exception, worship services continue with two services at the new edifice, although not completed yet. We baptized our 11 persons in January.

Our radio program, the Voice of Calvary, continues to be broadcast on one of the Christian radio stations, ELWA, and many are hearing the gospel preached. We continue to reach the community with the gospel and people are responding to the gospel invitation. Rose and I were down with malaria and typhoid (our common sicknesses here) but, praise the Lord, we are responding after treatment. We praise the Lord for all our orphans’ kids, who are in school. Two of our orphans (Eddie and Kromah) will be going to school when the University of Liberia opens this months, thanks to Dr. Nelson and others for their help. One of the bigger boys who lives with us, JB, will be graduating from the University this March

Classes resumed at the Jake Memorial Baptist College after the closure of schools as the result of the Corona pandemic. Construction works on the new College building is nearing completion on the Robertfield highway. Meanwhile, elevation of the College to full degree granting institution is on course following the first payment of the fees (USD $5,000). The balance ($2,500) will be paid when the process is completed. The College will be introducing computer program during next semester.

Todee Children Go to School at Last

After years of trying to build a school for the children of Yawehye town and Quime, Toddee district, where Calvary established a church for the citizens, the kids will soon go to school, although the school building project (which has been ongoing for years) is not yet finished. The men department, with the support of the church, has decided to cut movable partition in the church building to create classes for the children to start school this academic year. Portion of the first phase of the project (fixing of doors, ceiling, benches, etc), which cost $485 has already been undertaken by the men. We are trusting the Lord to provide $6,500 for the following components of the Todee School projects:

  1. 1. The first phase to get the kids in school for this semester- $1,500. This will help us pay salaries to four teachers that we have hired from the area to teach the children (about 160), who have been out of school for years. This money will also help to get school materials, books, black boards, additional benches, etc.
  2. The Second phase (the completion of the school bundling project). This phase will cost $5,000 for roofing the school building, including zinc, planks; plastering, floor casting, windows, benches, etc. This school project was started by the men department some years ago but is still incomplete due to lack of fund. The people of these two towns, about 25 miles away from Monrovia, gave Calvary 25 acres of land to develop for church and school purses. We built a church in the town that ministers to the surrounding towns and villages.


SOS for Calvary Baptist Elementary School, Pipleline, Paynesville

Barely following two months of school opening, the Calvary Baptist School located in the Pipleline area in Paynesville, has again being hit by a storm taking the roof away. The school, which is located on top of a hill, saw its roof being completely taken away by storm a week ago. Because of this disaster, we have told parents to keep the children at home until the damaged roof can be repaired. With the serious financial difficulties facing our school system since the Covid-19 outbreak, we are appealing to friends and supporters to please come to our aid. The entire roofing will cost $1,860. Calvary Baptist Church operates three schools- two in Monrovia, and one in Suakoko, Bong County.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

  1. The health of my family and the spiritual growth of the ministry here at Calvary
  2. The funds needed to complete the Todee project:
  3. $1,500 for the opening of school
  4. $5,000 for the completion of the school building
  5. The funds needed to reroof the Calvary Baptist School on the Pipleline- $1,860
  6. The funds needed to complete the Bible College registration process ($2,500)
  7. Scholarship funds for our needed students