We greet you in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and wish you happy new year. Thank you for your enormous support, both in prayer and in finances. May the grace of our Lord overflow in all areas of your life.


The year 2020 ended well with the end of year activities. First with the children, for Christmas which went well with a total of 75 children. We had biblical games, theaters from the Bible (Mark 10: 13-16; Luke 10: 25-37), then we gave gifts to the children and we had shared a meal to close. The party was a moment of happiness and joy with the children. With the adults, it was a worship of thanksgiving that took place on December 31, followed by an Agape. This year, things are going better for the moment than last year and we pray that it continues like this, because we manage to hold the services while respecting the barrier measures. Evangelizations continue, the Lord Jesus Christ is confessed, we will even have a baptism in the month of March. Always pray for the expansion of our place of prayer and for the acquisition of land because we are still meeting in the garage.

The family is doing well overall because our GOD is faithful and He takes care of us in difficult times.


1. Pray that it will be given in all good or bad times to evangelize.

2. Pray for the acquisition of land and the expansion of the place of prayer which is a garage.

3. Pray for support and a motorcycle for the ministry.