Beloved in our Lord Jesus Christ,

Greetings to all of you in the Name of our Savior. May the fullness of His grace be with all of you.  Happy New Year 2021 for the salvation of lost souls all over the world.

We thank God for the work He does through us in Tsévie and its surroundings. During the year 2020, we planned the baptism of 15 people at the Easter convention in our sister church in Fongbe Apedome but because of COVID-19, everything was cancelled. In the health crisis, we organized Sunday worship services in 11 houses. These groups were run by 15 leaders among which was our oldest son, Tsoèke Elysée Aziatroga. He is in his second year of studying Biblical Studies in the Bible Institute of Theology in Accra, Ghana.  We continue to preach and teach on our local radio antenna every day and twice a week in our Christian school. The theme of this year 2021 is the ‘’Salvation of Lost Souls.’’ Since the reopening of churches in our area, we have ten new converts in the church of Tsévié, three in Fongbe, and two in Kabakabakope Logome. We have received land donations in two villages where we will be evangelizing and planting new churches this year.

We want to strengthen the equipment of the radio antenna so we can translate films of evangelization in Ewe and French to facilitate and support the work of evangelism, have a gospel orchestra for evangelism, and install another radio antenna in my village, Avéta-Agovi, for the salvation of souls.

Prayer Requests and Needs

  1. For the good health and serenity of my family
  2. For our son Elysée’ (success in his studies so he can be well-equipped for the ministry)
  3. Monthly financial support, $1200
  4. Two motorcycles for the church planters of the two new village churches. $1200 each
  5. Strengthening the studio equipment $1500
  6. Monthly support for the ministry $1400


Your loved ones in Tsevié, Togo, West Africa.

Benjamin and Josée Aziatroga