Dear Friends & Prayer Partners,

Brethren in the Lord, I send to you Happy Christmas and a prosperous New year. I am happy to greet you in the living Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We remember the past months with the wave of the Corona pandemic all over the world. In Kenya, there is a growing sense of fear as the virus sweeps across the country even more widely than the first outbreak when the country was on lockdown. At a time like this, it is more important than ever that we both tell and show the people of God that we are standing with them in prayer during this difficult time. All the conferences scheduled for 2020 were postponed until 2021, but the work of God continues.

Brother Mien is one young man who has received Christ and has joined our congregation in Nairobi. Mien lost both of his parents. After the burial of his last parent to pass on, he went back to Mombasa as no one could take care of his other three siblings and him as well up-country. Chalton became a Muslim in Mombasa (Mombasa is a town of Kenya in a Muslim region.). He had many problems with his brothers and they moved to Nairobi later on. In Nairobi, I came across him and he yielded to the call of the Gospel and received the Lord as his personal Savior. I thank God for changing his life. Do kindly help us stand with him in prayer.

We are now working on our church building which was partly destroyed by the flood in the month of April 2020. The Lord is great. He provided the funds raised by the church members on the 6th of December, 2020. We thank God for all brethren who contributed towards the church building. We have managed to build a new one. Thank God for His great love during this difficult time. We now pray to the Lord to provide the remaining $1500 (Ksh 150,000) for the completion of the floor work and wiring.

Thank you so much for keeping us as one with you in the work of God. We know you have stood much with us in prayer and financial support. We thank the Lord for His love that we as the Church in Kenya experience through you.

In Calvary,
Rev. John O. Orinda