Dear Partners in the Gospel

Thanks be unto God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. I am happy to be communicating with you again concerning how the Lord has been working in our lives and ministry.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic our church, Evangel Baptist, was closed and like many other churches we ministered to the community online. Since the first Sunday of August we have reopened with about fifty percent of our congregation attending. We continue to do ministry through Zoom and Facebook each week and praise God for these media of technology. We have been reaching many more persons than we did before the pandemic and there are reports of decisions being made for Christ. There are folks now being prepared for baptism and church membership.

Over the last several months Merle has been suffering from issues with severe thyroidism. After several tests it has been determined that she will have to remove the thyroid. She had another test on November 13 after which a date will be scheduled for surgery. In the meanwhile she suffers from low energy, and pain in the neck and head but God has been gracious through all of this, supplying strength for each day.

Let me thank all of you faithful partners for standing with us as we serve the Lord in this part of the vineyard. We continue to covet your prayers for us that we might remain faithful until He calls us.
May God bless you all and prosper you in all your endeavours.

Sincerely in Him,
Eral & Merle Lewis