“Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in ligh: Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son: In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins” Colossians 1:12-14

Special thanks go also go to the IGM headquarters for inviting me to replace the Pastors and Christian leaders whose countries were under lockdowns or America borders closed temporarily. Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude to all the churches who allowed me to share the ministries. I also want to thank churches, groups, persons, ministries, Rotary Club of Lancaster, Riders Choice, Ed and Gina Mikolon and many others who supplied materials and financial contributions to our various projects

The year 2020 has been a difficult year globally with the devastation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. Ministry has been extremely slow.

Currently, I’m preparing to travel back to Ghana having been locked down since arrival in the USA as I was due to travel to Europe in April for some weeks and then to Ghana. All airports, sea ports and land borders in Ghana were shut down in March as well as in the USA. We had programs lined up.

 Bible Institute 

Our Bible Institute graduation has been put off due to the government’s efforts to curtail the spread of the virus. Rev. Bill Lambert (Texas) who has been sponsoring most students informed me of his inability to sponsor the graduation program. . Our plan was to complete the teaching in August while graduation was scheduled for September. Students from Wa, Akotoshie and Adom Baptist Church were notified of the cancellation and subsequent  postponement.

Adom Baptist Church

There was only 11 baptism and 112 profession of faith. Currently, 8 persons are in the new covenant and baptism class. The library building has not started. However the building had the flat stones covering. Government asked churches to close down for 4 months before asking them to open but limit the number initially to 25% and later 50% or 100 maximum in a congregation of 400 plus.

Adom Baptist Fellowship

The church added 5 new members and 6 baptisms. 3 persons are in the baptismal and new covenant class.

Emmanuel Baptist Church 

6 baptisms has taken place this year bringing the total to 16 baptized members. Construction of church building is yet to start.

Church Planting

Future church plants at the following locations:

Mampong Akuapem

Akropong Akuapem

Abotakyie, Akuapem

Nima, Accra

Awana Clubs

The Awana clubs shut down in March and has not yet resumed. Before then, 9 children had made profession of faith

Street Children/Orphan Ministries 

The program is still on going despite the pandemic but with caution. The children cannot be abandoned. They continue to benefit from the weekend meals and medical help. 78 hospitalizations so far. Food is medicine continue to be a challenge. I joined the FMI and 7 orphans are being supported. Widows Jar Ministry, Indiana supplied us with lots of clothes, school supplies, foot-wears, and other miscellaneous items. Others who have contributed to the ministries materially include Cornerstone Baptist Church, Geneseo, New York , Fist Baptist Church of Angelica, New York

Women’s Vocational Training Centre

The building project is still ongoing. Still in need of funds to continue

 Shipping of Container to Ghana 

I’ve bought and received donations to ship needed items to Ghana I still need funds to add to what I have received to ship from Ohio to Ghana. Riders Choice bought and facilitated for me to receive lots of things needed for the Women’s Centre. They also paid for the shipping to Ghana

 Blind, Deaf and Physically Challenged Ministries 

All the ministries were temporarily suspended. This year’s Deaf Camp is being limited to only 200 children because of Social distancing. Also, sponsors were not readily available. There are a total of 162 profession of faith so far.

School Ministries 

Due to the temporary closures of schools, it’s been temporary suspended

Radio preaching and teaching

My recording of messages run out 5 months ago and old messages are being replayed.

Muslim Evangelism

33 Muslims so far have made a profession of faith

 Village Evangelism

It’s been suspended

Adoption Ministries 

I have been able to adopt 5 more children to send my “children’s” total to 29

National Pastors in Ghana 

Daniel Amoo

Donaldson Ayiku-Sewor

Joe Otchere

Jonathan Quarshie



Some materials to help with the Women’s Vocational Training Centre.

Provision of Human Resources in my absence from Ghana

New church and orphan supporters



Salvation of my parents and siblings

For Kobby’s fingers to heal

Healing of Rev. Rick Sugden

My father is still on admission at the hospital

My documents that have stolen to be found

Those who have stolen part of my shipment to Ghana from the USA to be caught

Financial and material support for the ministries

My business to thrive

For good health and focus on the goals of the ministries

Thank you.


Still praising the Lord,

Pastor Alex B.

Philippians 4:13


Special Prayer Request

Thieves have gone to ransack the items in the storage I’m going to ship. The alarm never went off but according to the Pastor, they’ve broken into the storage house before by going through the roof and at another time through an opening they were not aware of. I had personally gone shopping in Chicago with my business partner in early November of last year to buy assorted items at wholesale prices for distribution to various Ministries. I had also bought things from other stores in Indiana and received lots of mostly donated items. My purchases was close to $3,000 according to the receipts. It doesn’t include newly donated items. Please,  pray that the thief or thieves will repent,  confess and give his or their lives to Jesus Christ.