The family of igm,

Here we are doing well.

I have been able to visit with a number of widows and share with them things like sugar, maize flour, soap, tea leaves, salt, movit jelly, and basins. The community around our church, Trinity Bible Bapatist Church, are the beneficiaries. Their children, due to covid_19, cannot support them. Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, please pray for them.

We do appreciate for your support which we received from Dr Gary Newhart to support the widows. We also prepared milk tea and mandasi for them. The widows were very happy to receive your support and glorified God for answering their prayers. All the widows send their greetings to all of you supporters.

The program is helping me to pray with them and with widows’ relatives as we share the Word of God.

I am very glad to inform you that we opened our church and God brought for me thirty-five Christian adult and twelve children.

We got one person who got saved and was added to our church.

I want to tell you that health wise my family is doing well.

Continue to pray for the ministry so that we grow both spiritual and physical in the Lord.



Paul syaiti and Irene.