Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I am writing this prayer request at the most needed time for prayer in my life in ministry, this is because of the Covid -19 pandemic which is rampaging the whole world. When we are not able to do anything is when we see the hand of God at work. Covid – 19 is real and I can testify because it killed one of our church member living the children orphans.

In the middle of this disease our Church Building was demolished as well as losing the land. We as a church we are trusting God to provide another land where we can put another building. We may be weary but with God all things are possible. We have already identified a piece of land with all the documents 100 x 60 which goes at 65000 USD. It is our humble prayer that you pray with us in this kind of situation.

Many people lost their jobs therefore hunger is just a part of survival. During the demolition many people lost their property leaving them more vulnerable than even before. Some families we have tried and resettled while about 25 families are still trusting God for shelter and food. I trust and believe that in Christ all is well.

We are praying with you at this tough time after your election. We are praying for peace and unity of America.  God will sail you through this situation. May God bless you all as you Serve God.