Hello dear praying friends – I am sorry to inform you this way but this is the most timely way for me.


Kerry & I covet your prayers. We both have covid. Kerry is in the hospital for the second time! He became incoherent, unable to walk, could not carry on a conversation, high fever, low oxygen, so I sent him back into the hospital. He is on oxygen, not a respirator. On Sunday night, with our family approval, he was given a plasma infusion. The plasma is from recovered covid patients. After two days of not talking or eating, he is now responding to the doctors. He has had two coherent conversations with me over the phone and he is eating! He has several monitors attached to him so he can be monitored. He also has pneumonia. At this time, we do not know how much longer he will be in the hospital. We truly covet your prayers for healing.


I am healing at home – have a cough, occasional fever, and very tired, so I sleep most days. But I am on the road to being better! I pray I will be well enough to care for him when he is back home! No one can come in and help. The family & church have brought meals and groceries to the front door and I am so thankful. Being on my feet has been a challenge!


I truly wish I could have contacted each of you individually, but I was just not able.


Please remember us in your prayers and I thank you for each prayer!


We serve a GREAT God!


Terri Psinas


Missionary to GrenadaThank You