Dear Friends and Supporters,

Greetings. We take these few lines to inform you of the ministry situation and also to give a briefing about the COVID-19 pandemic in Togo.

Situation in Togo: As of today, as we write, there are 661 confirmed cases in the country with 14 deaths, and 401 have recovered. This pandemic has destroyed our church services and other activities. We are praying for you that the Lord would keep you safe and healthy. Please, do the same on our behalf.

Businesses are suffering, and things are going very slowly in the country. Some people went to the countryside where the virus is almost non-existent. Many of our members, who run small businesses, have nothing now. We have taken the step of providing corn for distribution. We purchased many sacks of corn and rice and we have done distributions four times already. The sack of corn costs about $40 now since the harvest has not yet begun. I know that you are also in the same situation. However, if anyone would like to extend his or her hand, you can do so through our mission agency.

Regarding the ministry, we can not say much for the government has not allowed us to go back to our worship places.


1. We also have cultivated corn for future selling to help with the ministry
2. Another project that is underway is a six-classroom school. Some people have donated toward the roofing.
3. Three weddings were performed in June at a house.

Thank you all for your generosity. We are praying for you that the Lord would protect you through the COVID-19.

God bless you.

In Christ,
Kouami Midekor

Note: There was some confusion with an earlier communication that I would like to clarify. We have 25 pastors that we support but due to the pandemic, we are struggling to support them as the churches they pastor are closed. Churches are expected to reopen in August but if you can help with this need this month, it would be greatly appreciated. You can send your gifts to our mission board and designate them for “Pastor Relief”.