July 2020
Dear Friends,
“Blessed be God, which hath not turned away my prayer, nor his mercy from me” Psalm 66:20
We are so thankful to the Lord for Nicole is still on her feet doing what she can do. She continues consulting doctors and considering their advice for her back pains. She is still under prescriptions.
I travelled last Sunday 12th after the morning meeting in our home. I came back Thursday 16th. I went visiting and meeting with the Pastors in Sokode, central part of the country; and meeting with the other IGM Pastors in Lomé, the capital town. It was good meetings and prayer time. My last visit to these areas was last March 2020.
I have asked several people of you to pray for Togo for the reopening of the churches. Because the government opened the markets, businesses, brief everything except the churches. You prayed and the Lord answered. However, not all the churches are allow opening their doors but we believe that the Lord is at work. The government is opening the churches progressively. They said that the rest of the churches would be open after three weeks. Another blessing was that we are the only Baptist Bible Church opened in Kara. Therefore, we were again in church for the first time after it doors were closed down for almost four months. What a great joy for all of us. Unfortunately, we could not shake each one hands nor hug.
We have shared with you the salvation of Monsieur Pierre / Peter, the professor in University last month. We were so glad to see him and his family in our mist. We continue having disciple courses with the family on Monday evening and Friday evening.
Please, pray with us concerning the salvation of a strong catholic family who is rejecting the gospel message.
We are very thankful for your prayers and for your financial supports.
Pastor Paul & Nicole Assignon.