To all our IGM friends, churches and supporters, we bring you greetings in the name of our soon-coming Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In the midst of a global pandemic, we and our kids have every reason to smile, because your generosity and love for God’s people continue to be demonstrated toward us. Rosie (with a child on her back) and her friends have just eaten a bowl of rice and posed for a photo. Our yard is a haven for most of the neighbourhood kids. They come to play and eat. All this is possible because we have people like you who care and pray for us. Thank you so much.

Since the pandemic in March, Liberia is still under a state of emergency, which has been extended three times. With our cases at 1,088 and 70 deaths- and climbing-, we are still in it for a long haul. This is all because many of our people deny the existence of Covid-19. They say it is the government’s way to eat money. But in spite of it all, the Lord continues to keep us by His grace. Rose, my wife, was very sick for almost two months with malaria and typhoid. It was so serious that we thought it was covid. But thank the Lord, following treatment, she is much better. As I write this report, I am also down with malaria and typhoid. Typhoid and malaria are prevalent here especially during the rainy season when most places are wet and dam. According to the latest WHO data published in 2018 Malaria deaths in Liberia reached 1,918 or 5.72% of total deaths.

The kids are all doing fine. Schools are still closed, but we teach them at home. Gifty’s has been having problem with her eyes lately. It itches and runs water. But we sent her to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center here, and was treated. Eddie Yenzah did very well at the end of his first semester at the University of Liberia. His grades are very good. We were about to send Vaye Kromah to computer school just before the covid outbreak. The rest of the kids, some of whom are with their single moms, are doing fine.

Calvary resumed services on June 21, with two services in adherence to the social distance. Most of the members have returned to church while some are still afraid to come. Works on the new church did not stop during the lock down. Prior to the pandemic, we planned to move to the downstairs auditorium by April pending the completion of works, but that was not possible. Presently, we have roofed the building, installed steel doors, and window bars at the downstairs auditorium, and built the ramp. Works are ongoing to complete the stage, the bath rooms, parking lots and painting. As school remained closed, we are having it difficult to pay our teachers. The Calvary Baptist Church School System runs solely on tuition.

In keeping our students at the Jake Memorial Baptist College busy, we gave them home assignments. Most of them do not have access to laptop to work on line. The construction works on the new college resumed in June following the lifting of the 3 PM curfew.

Our covid-19 relief continues as we solicit assistance from friends and members to buy rice for some of the needy members. We thank Dr. Gary Newhart for sending us some money to purchase rice. A bag of 25kg rice now costs USD $17. We still need help to get to those who did not receive.

Prayer Requests
Please pray for the following requests:
1. For my speedy recovery from malaria
2. For God’s protection against corona virus
3. For Sister Yassah Cooper. A month following the death of her 23 years old daughter, Sister Yassah Copper was among those who were affected by a broken fence that fell on their houses. On June 25, residents of the 18th Street community woke up to the sound of wailing, when the wall that soared over their houses broke in the middle of the night due to erosion. Five persons died instantly, but Yassah and her children sustained injury, thank God. They are now stopping with friends. She will need USD $600 to repair her house. Yassah is as single mom.
4. For the completion of the downstairs edifice of the new church for moving. We will need USD $3,000 to do the plumbing, the stage (podium) painting and parking.
5. For Liberia’s covid-19 cases to reduce

Submitted by:
Rev. and Mrs. G. Larque Vaye
Senior Pastor Calvary Baptist Church and
IGM Missionary- Liberia