Dear sisters, brothers, friends and partners in Christ,

our family just want to leave you some encouragement words during this world situation. This time lets us think of the beginning. The Bible says that at the beginning nothing moved on the earth except only the Spirit of God. Today, everything stops. Only the Spirit of God that moves in our lives to give comfort, to talk and enlighten us. As David said in Psalms 23, our family encourages everyone to turn to the real and true shepherd who is Jesus these days. He is the only security, the only real protector. Also as Paul said, we are convinced that this situation will not take us far from God but bring us closer to the Lord. Rom. 8: 28-39. Please let’s pray for each other and help each other if possible in any way to give shame to the devil. Psalms 91: 1-7. May the Lord’s protection cover each of us: Have a blessed day in the Lord Jesus.

Fetou’s family.