Year 2019 God really blessed the ministries, thank God for IGM who made the connections with the donors.To all ministry donors thank you for your church and the pastors who are faithfully sending financial supports.It was this year of 2020 we could not able to do ministries such as going to outreaches ,but we did right now on the support received from your church is to help the outreaches area buying relief goods to make them survived because some of the outreaches has no anymore income because of the quarantine, in my place local officials are not able to find means for the surviving community,supplies in groceries are almost running out.Please help us to pray we started the community quarantine last March 30 and it will be ends on April 30 ,no more income from the church because of no gatherings ,school has no operation .Please help us to pray the local officials will do an immediate action because right now no response yet from the government,please help us to pray that God will really supply our needs.

Thank you!
Pastor Cruz family &church