Dear pastors and friends,
Greeting to all of you in the name of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
First in every time we keep thank all of you for your financials supports and prayers .We do keeps you all also in our daily prayers.
Titus 1:5c “Thou shouldest ordain elders in every city,”
Yes we must have church in every city, but for us in Lomé Togo {W.Africa),today it is very big problem,and purchase a land to build a church is more and more difficult because the land are costly,
For example in the area like Kelegouvi,klikanmé,and Massouhoin that we target for the planting of church ,the land price is 55.000 000 frs CFA = in US dollars is $ 90.000,oo
For Agbata-Lanzo and Gbodjomé area ,the land price is about 18.000 000 frs CFA= in US dollars is $ 32.000,oo
In Baguida area is about the land price 20.000 000 frs CFA = in US dollars is $ 38.000,oo
We Know that it is a huge amount but ,the gold and money belong to our God,and when God people praying God answer prayers.And we trust and beleive it.
About the church of Baguida thank God 12 people was baptized, and prayers need for them.
Please be praying for my country Togo,and God protection for my family and I.our kids éducation, my wife health.
Praying for more souls to saved.
Again thank to all of you.
The Soadjede,Kossi Thomas and Akossiwa.