Hello dear partners,
We are at the moment very difficult because with the arrival of covid-19 we witnessed a closure of the city without notice. Let us remain in prayer for most of the households which ate only by daily effort. Right now they are hungry. With regard to the church, the activities of the church are slowed down, we can no longer come together in large numbers because the government has closed public places of worship because of Covid-19. At my level we opted for the cult of houses in small groups of five. Many remain in their homes to pray. We continue as far as possible to share the good news of salvation. It really is a very difficult time. We know that it is power in the name of Jesus Christ that can stop the virus from continuing to spread around the world.My wife (Honorine), my children (Blessing, chalom and charity) are fine. They greet you too.

Your brother and partner in Christ,
Ezekiel NAMBOU Bassar Northern-Togo