Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors

My oh my a month of 2020 has come and gone and Valentine’s Day is close. And then Easter will be upon us. To me that is the most important holiday. Our Saviour died, was buried and rose again the third day. Before He returned to heaven, He promised to return for us to be with Him. I think that day is close so we have a mission to accomplish so let’s get busy while there is still time. Will you be my Valentine? You already are and I thank you for making these months and years much easier for me. I can’t do what I did in Brazil but I do PRAY for missionaries who studied or worked with me there in our Bible School training Brazilians to be missionaries. Many of our graduates are reaching many with the Gospel of Christ in communities of the Amazon River Basin and other areas of the world. I keep busy praying and emailing these missionaries. God is blessing and guiding in all situations. Souls are saved in Daily Vacation Bible Schools, soccer competitions as well as in church activities. The Brazilians love soccer and are willing to attend church services where they hear the Gospel in order to be able to play. In the end, God convicts of sin and they confess their need for Christ and become His children. Pray they will grow in their new faith in Jesus.

Experience has shown it is best to have at least two couples at each station or ministry. They get lonely and discouraged more easily when alone. They encourage one another and plan and pray together with better results for the work. This has proven wise.

I would like you to pray for Jairo and his wife. They have worked faithfully over seven years since they married and don’t have any children. They have gone to the doctor for help but still no children. Are they to adopt? May God guide this young couple and help them to form a family by having children or adopting. Please pray with me for God to resolve this situation. Thank you so very much.

Do pray for all the missionaries to be wise and faithful in preparations for meetings, visitations to believers and non-believers. May they be faithful in their daily devotions with the Lord, to walk and talk with Him, to seek His guidance daily, and to be able to give messsages and challenges that God will use to help the congregations grow spiritually. Pray for their leaders to guide, direct and encourage them in the work for the Lord. May God provide what they need to carry on the work. May they sense God’s part in answered prayer. Thanks so very much.

In His service, praying and writing to many in His service.

Thanks for sharing with me.

With Love and Thanks,
Psalm 119