IGM –MONTHLY REPORT Praise God. How are you since last year? You are all doing well in Christ. Down here in Kenya we are doing well and God has kept us Ok. BLESSINGS We have been busy in seminars during December holidays and crusades too. We had 3 seminars –two for youths and one for church leaders; many souls came to Christ for salvation and many souls came to Christ for dedication. CHALLENGES Travelling for long distances on foot. Rains disturbed a bit of our programs and accommodation. THANKS GIVING / ENCOURAGEMENT God has been so good providing for us God has been so good in saving people, ministry growing to the addition of the congregation. No one injured. PRAYER REQUESTS April trip for our youth from home to Kilifi April Competition on reciting PS 119:1-20 August Choir Competition August Games Competition August Sports Competition December youth camp December leader’s seminar Am yet still with IGM Thank you. Rev.Andrew Pite