Our best wishes to you distinguished servants of God. May 2020 be a year of peace, joy and spiritual, material and financial progress for each of you. My heart is truly in joy and I bless the Lord for the results of your prayers including; 1- none of my family members fell ill, 2- I was able to enroll my children in their respective schools. 3- we were able to open the work at Guitry, from 22/09/2019 to 12/01/2020 we have a staff of 35 people. Men, Women and Children. 4- Finally, we received from you through Pastor Emmanuel 1000dollars for the construction of our covered playground. Being on a new missionary field, it is the mother church that Pastor Emmanuel directs which supports us in many other things.
Prayer topics:
1- pray for me so that the lord gives me a motorbike with which I will visit the faithful because for the moment there are no taxis in the city.
2- pray for us that God will give us the necessary strength to be able to open annexes in certain neighborhoods and also in surrounding villages.
3- pray for my family so that they can always support me in the work.
4- finally pray that the results of the end of the school year for my children will be satisfactory.
May God hear you as usual and bless IGM more. Brother Janot