Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord and Savior Jesus’ name.

I would like to thank and glorify God so much because of His love, mercies and faithfulness to His beloved ones. God has surely been good to me in all areas of life and ministry.
However, the month of December 2019 was a very trying month. My biological mother suffered with lung issues for the whole of December undergoing treatment and eventually she developed pneumonia which made her to go to be with the Lord on 8th January 2020 Wednesday.
I dearly need your prayers at this trying moment because we are planning for her send off ceremony on the 18th January 2020. We are trying to get enough funds for this event. Therefore, pray with and for us that the Lord may provide the necessary.
Thanks again and looking forward for your prayers and any necessary support to see the sending off function of my mother’s body is successful.

Your brother and minister in the ministry of our Lord God.
Pastor Kenneth Kalama.