Kanfidini & Georgette Yonli. The Yonli family are well and give thanks to the Lord for what He has done for them in the course of this year 2019. They are also grateful to the IGM family for their support in diverse ways. They are encouraged by the endless prayers that you say to God for them and their ministry. Remain endlessly blessed and renewed in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Their main objective this year 2019 has been to share the Gospel with a great number of people. The strategy consisted of visiting Sakoula’s secondary and primary schools and the surrounding areas to distribute tracts, discuss with pupils, and organize football tournaments so as to draw young people to God and to preach the Gospel to them. Yonli also showed film projections and visited people from home to home. Thanks to this, more than 1600 people received the Gospel; 198 accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and a new church was opened at Bigtogo, 15 kilometers away from Sakoula. All the glory be given to the Lord Who guided and led us.

The challenge right now is to help new converts to grow in faith and to keep up with the activities related to evangelism so that the number of Christians in this new church increase. Let’s also join them in prayer so that the Lord provide a shelter as a worship place before we build a church building.

The other part of Yonli’s time was consecrated to managing the primary school of Sakoula as a manager. This year, 2019-2020, 220 pupils were registered. This primary school is a very important means the Lord has given them to positively influence the lives of these children with the Word of God. That is why our school program includes a Bible study time. We are very happy to see the way the Lord worked in the lives of our pupils. They noticed some behavioral changes. As an example, they have a child that had dropped out of school and they registered him in their school. After two years of studies in their school, he gave his life to Jesus Christ and his dream is to become a pastor. We ask you to pray for our school canteen because a lot of children do not go back home at noon and are obliged to resume the afternoon classes with an empty stomach which is harmful for their studies. A school canteen would be of a tremendous aid for these children most of whom come from poor families.

Thanks for your prayers for the Yonli family, for their financial needs (monthly support is a great need) and for their ministry to keep growing for the glory our Lord JESUS.

Respectfully Submitted,
Pastor Robert LOMPO