Hello, dear prayer partner, remain blessed in JESUS CHRIST. Our joy is perfect when we know that you pray day and night so that we can receive it when we open our mouths or elsewhere to share the good news of GOD concerning his son JESUS CHRIST. AMEN

Moral report
The church unfortunately had a dark week in the second week of November, killing 4 parents of some church members. In the same week, Tuesday, mother of a child of Sunday school, Wednesday, father of a daughter, then Saturday, father of two young students and Sunday, father of another youngster. It was a difficult time, but the glory returned to the Lord who strengthened us in the inner man and continues to comfort the members. The funeral will begin in December and for some in February.

Spiritual report
This is the big recovery in all sectors of activity in Ivory Coast since mid-September, including the big school year after almost three months of vacation. All holidaymakers are back and our little place of worship now has 75 Sunday school children and 48 adults. Understand how great is our joy, to see the Lord bring back all his holy and safe children and add 3 new people. it reminds me of the return of the Israelis’ exile. However, we are increasingly confronted with the difficulty of the local, which is increasingly restricted given the number.
So, as a project, we want to expand the place of worship, if GOD gives us the means and also buy land for the church. However, we always continue the work of the Lord with the certainty that He sees everything, knows everything and controls everything. Because we venerate the ALL POWERFUL, only is glory. Amen

The December program
As a major activity in December, if GOD gives us the means, organize a party in honor of children called (Christmas tree), we do it every December 24 of the year. It’s a time when we demonstrate our love for so many needy children, offering them gifts and sharing a meal. Please pray for us, and if you wish to help us, because we want to distribute Bibles to as many people as God bless you. Then on December 31, the church has an aggapé just after Thanksgiving worship.

Request for prayer
Pray for, the extension of the place of worship and the purchase of land
Pray for the conversion of new people that the LORD has added
Pray for the celebration of children and adults that GOD makes available to us
Pray for funerals and may God strengthen these bereaved brothers
Pray for the expansion of the gospel in my country

Pastor K. PACOME and LUCIE of Ivory Coast