To All Our Prayer Warriors & Supporters,

Please spare two minutes and pray for Huruma Chain Schools. We’re between the rock and the hardest place.

As you may remember, a government school in Nairobi collapsed, killing nine children. In response to that, the government of Kenya is now requiring all schools in the country to meet certain standards or be shut down until the standards are met.

To build a classroom costs $3250. To do renovations, the cost is $1460. Some funds have already been received and for that, we are very grateful. However, we have eleven schools that must be brought to the government’s standards by December 10th, 2019 or the schools will not be allowed to open in January 2020 for the new term. Time is running out and the pressure on me to have all schools meet the deadline is tremendous. Anything the Lord lays on your heart to help with will make a difference and it shall be highly appreciated.

Please pray!!!

Pastor Wilson Maungo