Dear Prayer Partner and/or Supporter:

14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: Genesis 1:14

Wow! What a beautiful time of the year! It is amazing how everything fits together like a puzzle when it comes to the seasons. It is God’s wonderful way of showing the human race His Glory and His plan of redemption. Fall shows us the beauty in death even though it was ushered in by the terribleness of sin. Winter shows us the way to victory over death through the Lord Jesus Who will wash us whiter than snow. Spring shows the exuberance of life when one receives Christ as Savior and summer demonstrates the warmth and rest that is found in Jesus Christ our Lord. This is what I see as I behold my surroundings, and yet it has become marred by SIN. However, the promises of God are sure. –Romans 8:18-25

I can blurt out another WOW! for the way our precious Lord moves in the hearts of God’s people. This has been one where God confirms His love towards His servants through His precious children. One church out of the clear blue sky sent in over $16,900 to help 10 partners with IGM, another helped 2 partners with $5,000 to meet specific needs, and a foundation sent in $4,650, raising their regular support by $600 per quarter. It is these events that thrill our heart and confirm God’s special blessing upon IGM.

Nancy and I are so excited about His goodness to us and the Mission. Many of you know Rex Furman, who is my first cousin, and was with the Mission for several years doing a lot of traveling for accountability. For the last several years, he has and still is battling dementia. By God’s grace, I will be flying to Lancaster, California to see him and his dear wife, Andrea, on November 4th and return on the 10th. I would appreciate your prayers for a great visit. I will also be meeting, Lord willing, with Paul Knerr, a dear brother who is helping many in East Africa with wells and by God’s grace, he is going to help with some wells in West Africa. These wells become a blessing to many people and give the church an opportunity to reach people with the Gospel.

Nancy and I are both doing well physically with all things considered. We both appreciate all who support us financially and pray for us regularly. The Lord is so precious to both of us and encourages us in so many ways. One is our local church that stands with us and another is those who are so faithful in enabling us to keep moving forward with the Mission. Please pray with us that the Lord will bring alongside of us a godly couple who have a vision for missions, a compassion to reach the world for Christ, and a willing, sensitive spirit to serve the Lord with all their heart. Remember, God uses those who are committed to Him and who have the desire to serve Him with their whole being!

IGM is not just any mission agency but is one that is committed to the leadership of Jesus Christ and is unique in its mission to reach this world with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We love each of you who have a sincere heart, a love for the Lord Jesus, and recognize the tremendous urgency of seeing individuals come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!

Sincerely, in His Unconditional Love,

Gary and Nancy Newhart
Servants of Our Lord Jesus—Proverbs 3:5-6

• For daily strength, wisdom, and health to serve our Savior
• God’s continued work in bringing souls to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus.
• The many souls who have declared their profession of faith through baptism

• Continued good health
• Continued financial support, both for personal and travel

• Pray for Volunteers (not daily needs)
1. Willing to be of help in the Office?
2. Transport nationals while in country to meetings
3. Pick up national pastors from the airport and return them when their stay concludes.
4. Willing to help with cleaning etc.
5. Maintenance and upkeep on buildings.
6. Maintain the five flower gardens.
• Pray for more MSA (Mission Service Account) funds to run the Mission.
• Pray for a Vehicle that runs well and the body is in good condition to replace our cancer-ridden, dented-up van. (tax deductible)
• Prayer for Janice Springer, her husband of 60 years, Evangelist Lon Springer, was promoted to Glory on 10-10-2019, after many health issues.

Tentative IGM Activities

Alex Boamah’s, Ghana, West Africa Winter Scheduled Meetings – Nov. 3 – Dec. 17

Nov. 3 – SS&MS – Bible Baptist Church, Knox, IN
Nov. 3 – ES – Tippecanoe Community Church,Tippecanoe,IN
Nov. 6 – Wed. – Northside Baptist Church, Elkhart, IN
Nov. 10 – SS&MS – Bible Baptist Church, Oswego, NY
Nov. 13 – Wed. – Charity Bible Church, Scottsville, NY
Nov. 17 – SS&MS – Faith Bible Church, Honeoye, NY
Nov. 20 – Wed. – First Baptist Church, Angelica, NY
Nov. 24 –SS&MS-Gage Chapel CommunityCh.,Forestville,NY
Nov. 27 – Wed—Hedstrom Memorial Bap.,Cheektowaga, NY
Dec. 1 – SS&MS – Bible Baptist Temple, Rochester, NY
Dec. 4 – Wed. – Grace Baptist Church, Marion, NY
Dec. 8 – SS&MS – Cowlesville, Baptist Ch., Cowlesville, NY
Dec. 11 – Wed. – NEED A MEETING
Dec. 15 – MS — Lake Country Christian Church, Waterloo,NY
Dec. 15 – ES – Bethel Baptist Church, Bergen, NY
Dec. 17 – Leaves Rochester to go back to Indiana
NOTE: Dates NEED A MEETING – if you want to schedule a meeting with Alex – call the office – 585-334-9048
Nov. 4-9 – Gary– Special Trip to Lancaster, California

Nov. 28 – Thanksgiving – Celebrate with Family in Rochester

Dec. 10 — IGM Annual Council Meeting – Pray for the meeting and preparation

Dec. 25—Christmas – Celebrate with Family in Virginia

Jan. 2020—Trip to Trinidad

Mar. 1-Apr. 5 — 2020—Spring—Meetings with
National Church Planters

Aug. 25 – Aug. 31 – Mission Training School
Aug. 27 – Quarterly Council Meeting
Aug. 30 – Meeting in area Churches
Sept. 1 – Oct. 11 – National Church Planters Fall Team
Travel Meetings