October 16, 2019

Campaign of evangelization and church planting in Bikambobe, Bassar-Togo

Dear partners, receive greetings from your brother and partner in Bassar-Togo.

In this prayer letter, I want to share two news with you all.

First of all, I want to let you know how great it is to know that you are praying for me and my family for Jesus Christ to use us in His work for His glory.

Secondly, let me share with you the joy that is in my heart. After the implantation of the church of Dimori, God still thanks us for opening a new church in Bikambobe a village very fetishist so far impervious to the gospel, a locality located 45 kilometers from Bassar city where we live. We organized a three-day evangelistic campaign in this village thanks to two sons of this village who gave their lives to Jesus Christ in our church in Bassar city. This campaign gave birth to many converts and especially, after their conversion, all demanded the same thing: a church.

We started our activities of the church in Bikambobe to the astonishment of the churches of the other denominations that preceded us and could not implant their church, Sunday, October 06, 2019. Attached some images of the new church implanted.

Glory and praise to the Lord our God for this great open door. She opened before us for the gospel to be preached in Bikambobe.

Praise the Lord with us for this family who has given us space to begin our church program.
Praise the Lord with us for the souls he adds to our meeting.
We started negotiating for a land, pray that God will give us favor in this process.
Pray for God to protect my family.

Your brother and partner,
Nabou Nambou Ezekiel
Bassar, Togo, West Africa