Grace and Peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ

Dear Brethren,

The power of a seed is not in its size but in the quality of its product. May every small effort of yours always yield multiple results of blessings in Jesus name. Life is not by Grade but by Grace. Not by Labour but by Favour. Not by Merit but by Mercy. May the Grace, Mercy and Favour of God locate you as you labour for Him each day.
We thank you very, very much for supporting us both prayerfully and financially. We thank God for each of you and we are very happy that Almighty God has made you our partners in His service.

Ministry Update

On April 1,2018, I became the pastor of the Calliste Berean Bible Church, St. George, Grenada. Almighty God has helped me to do my best as I labour in that community and throughout the Island of Grenada.

In spite of my serious eye problems and had to make frequent visits to both Jamaica and the USA for medical attention, people’s lives were impacted by His Word. Since April 2018 to August 2019, 31 people received Christ as Lord and Saviour on the Island of Grenada. I thank God for the privilege He gave me to preach His Word and I thank you for your constant financial and prayerful support. Your support helped us to do more for God.

The song Writer says, “where ever He leads I’ll go.” As a child of God, I will never be effective in ministry unless I am abiding in His will. The Lord has led me to serve Him in another part of the world and I obeyed Him. Therefore, I want you to know that I am no longer the pastor of the Calliste Berean Bible Church in Grenada since August 31.2019.

The Lord has given me the opportunity to become the pastor of the Palmiste Evangelical Church in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago since September 2019. This church did not have a pastor since 2008. It has only 24 members on the church roll. On September 1 and 8, 2019, we had 21 and 16 people, respectively, in attendance at our Sunday morning service. Presently at the Palmiste Evangelical Church there is no Sunday evening service, no prayer meeting and Bible study, no Sunday School, no youth ministry, no men’s or ladies’ groups. We are hoping to start a children’s ministry in the month of October 2019. We will start Bible study on November 6,2019 and we are hoping to start Sunday School as soon as possible. At this stage the church can only take care of 60% of the income we need to live and work in Trinidad. Therefore, we are asking you to please continue in prayers for us as we labour in this part of the world.

Update on my eyes

To God be the glory great things He hath done. Praise the Lord, my right eye is doing very well. I had some work done on it when I went back to Jamaica in April of this year. Thank God it is working okay.

In the month of May this year I had surgery in the US on my left eye to correct the very serious problems that existed in it. The surgery was successful and the doctor was very pleased with the healing process. The only problem I had was that I could not see anything with that eye for weeks. There were a few times I could glimpse very large objects for an hour or two and then the sight would disappear again for days or weeks. I am pleased to let you know that since 3 weeks ago I am seeing consistently from my left eye. I am seeing very large words that are projected on screens and it seems like it is getting better each week. I want to thank you for your prayers and financial support. It has cost me thousands of US dollars to get this eye to where it is today. God has used you to help me and I am very grateful for your support. Please continue to pray that my sight will continue to get better and better each day.

Prayer Requests

Please pray that God will help us make a difference at the Palmiste Evangelical Church in Trinidad.
Pray that we will be blessed with the additional furniture and appliances needed in our house, we praise the Lord for blessing us with 60% of what was needed in this area but we need US$3000.00 to get whatever is outstanding.
Pray for our children, they are still living in Grenada.
Praise the Lord for blessing us with a car to help us move around in Trinidad.

Thanks for being a part of this ministry.
May God continue to bless all of you.

Yours in the service of Jesus Christ,
Garnet Samuels (Pastor)