Dearly beloved in Christ:
Greetings in the blessed Name of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Praise God for His doings and for His sustaining grace to us. I am always praying that you are well and having good health and excitement as we daily anticipate the coming of our Lord.
UPDATE: praise & prayers
1. April and May 2019 were exciting summer months for the kids and young people, this time we only had two VBS centers. One in downtown Sta. Maria and the other one in the Tubalan, boundary of Sta. Maria & Malita towns. Praise God for the 150 children that heard the Gospel and enjoyed Bible Stories, coloring and crafts. Some parents and adult also frequented the area. What added to my thanksgiving is the four young people who helped with the VBS worked as teachers, they all are product of DVBS and Youth camp ministry. Our country has all the freedom to teach God’s word openly. Glory to God.
2. Regular school is ongoing since June 13, 2019. We are privilege to reach daily with the Gospel these 120 students, their parents and caregivers of small children.
3. The new two-story school building under construction for kinder and Junior High
School. A faith-project, every day amazes me of the progress.
4. Months of March, April, July 2019 – five members of my family celebrated with a thanksgiving family dinner. Mine will be on August 20 and I’ll be a senior citizen. I desire to continue to share the Gospel to parents, students and everyone else as God open doors for and enables me.
5. I thank God for Arno who help as pulpit supply in the church. Dannel helps many areas in medical mission. Unno helps with additional medicines since he cannot be outside of his field of work specializing in emergency medicine. Onyx will be 8 y.old on August 11th.
6. For daily strength and excitement that we are Christians and God has the perfect plan and purpose for each of us. That we are saved to grow in Christlikeness, to have the power to share the Gospel and to have an impact in this sin-sick world.
7. Many prayers and financial support of God’s people and IGM. Your loving concern and prayers are felt all throughout my life and ministry. My fund for April & May were badly delayed in the post office, but still arrived safely.

CHALLENGES & matters for urgent prayers:
1. Salvation of people in the surrounding area. May we, Christians have the urgency and burden to tell the Gospel every time God gives the opportunity. Ours is to share and leave the result to God.
2. The new building still needs, roof, walling for second floor, doors, tiles for first floor, toilets, plumbing and electricity including labor costs. $10,000.00
3. Young people to consecrate lives for Christ and to serve Him. May they understand the value of honoring God with an obedient life and spiritual growth.
4. Please pray for our country’s mailing system to be safe and efficient.
5. I have strong burden to reach the 22 barangays of Sta. Maria by giving out Gospel tracts house to house. I am praying for this when I will be free from regular teaching in school. Please pray with me as well as companions God will provide in spreading His word.
6. I also have the strong burden to go back once in a while to my birthplace in Guinobatan, Albay (Luzon Island) to put up a Bible study center. This town is where my 4 siblings live, with 44 barangays to reach with the Gospel, a town that is 90% ruled by Catholicism.
7. God will protect our country from evil groups.
May our faith pleases God in all aspects of our life where we are stationed to be light and salt. God bless each of you with good health and power to grow in His word and share His life so others will hear and will be saved. My love to you and my prayers.
Nelly Hiquiana

Philippians 3:10 “That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;”