Dear beloved,
I rejoice to be with my family, whom I have misssed so much during the four months of my stay in the USA. With joy I continue the ministry of his kingdom.

We are a church that loves the ministry of children. We pray for the success of the VBS activities of this summer while hoping that many of the children will give their lives to Jesus. This is how the VBS activities will take place in the 3 churches-
From 29 to 31 July for the main church
– From August 12 to 14 for the second church in Devego-Dongbeli.- From 26 to 28 August for the third church in Dague.

Pray with us while hoping that many children will give their lives to Jesus. We hope to receive more than 500 children.The faithfulness of God is great. He will do it
.Pastor Etienne Degbey