Glory be to our one Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As we are preparing to the Kisumu County we are still trusting God to provide 100 bibles of which the cost is USD 100. The mission will be from 14/8/2019. We need a lot of prayers so that we be able to make this trip and much more it be a blessing to the community. Pray with us that the Lord be on our side as we will be ministering to the people. Altered bibles have been distributed by the false teachers and this is one of the device of the devil to infiltrate the Church. we are sure that we will raise money for transport,however we would really like to have the Bibles so that those who con not a ford to buy one also may have a taste of the word of God by reading one by themselves. Please stand with us in prayers. God bless you all as you serve the most high God. Pastor David Orinda.