Just to inform you that on July 1, 2019 at Georgia Atlanta airport i took the delta flight to arrive in France then i continued by air France to land at lome airport July 2nd 2019 at 23:30pm.

I rejoice to be with my family, whom I have missed so much during the four months of my stay in the USA. With joy I continue the ministry of his kingdom.

I would like to thank you for the warm welcome you have given me. The honor you have given me to share my ministry with joy through preaching, testimony and power point video.

Thank you for your prayers and your various cheerful gifts and offering of liberality went straight to my heart. I appreciate the missionary vision the churches have for lost souls.

Please, beloved in Christ continue to pray for the rest of the needs, I hope that the Lord will provide.

Here are the programs that I’m doing now:

From July 3 to 6: 4 days’ spiritual revival prayer fasting,
in order to thank the Lord for the great things he has done for me during my stay in the USA
Saturday July 13, 2019: Wedding of my nephew the pianist of the church.

Saturday August 10, 2019: Weeding of my eldest daughter Dorcas. The teacher of the children of the Sunday School.

Activities of VBS in the 3 churches during these holidays.

From August 22nd to 24th at the main Church adakpame-Kanyi-Kope.

From August 23rd to August 31st Second Church Dongbeli.

From the 5th to the 7th of September for the first time in the 3rd church in Dague.

Please continue to pray for our needs:
God will provide:

Monthly support for my family and the ministry evangelism and outreach equipment sounds system video, projector, trumpets etc.….

• Purchase land for the third new church at Dague $10,000USD
• Funds to finish the shelter for the new church $2,500 USD
• Motorcycle for my assistant pastor $ 1,000 USD
• Funds to continuous building the main church at Adapkame $10,000 USD.
• VBS in all the three churches $300 USD.

Thank you, may the Lord bless you richly.

Pastor Etienne Kodjo serving with international Gospel Missions.