Christian greeting to you.

Just finished our 2 weeks mission trip, Bohol and Leyte Islands. In Bohol we have 120 children attended our Vacation Bible School. Our team composed of 19 young and adults. 11 young teachers 3 car drivers and 3 finance incharge Julie and I.

In Leyte at Nilo’s one of his outreaches, there are 210 children attended. Exciting and blissful results. Most of the youth and intermediate understand the importance of needing a savior, resulted to accept and received Jesus into thier lives.

This is my firts try to email our prayer request.

1. Please do pray for my health. I was examined by my Dr. A heart and an internist. Said 1. that I have a heart problem. 2. My both kedneys are on grade 2+ stage. Meaning 50/50 in fucntion, my creatinine is on high level, 3. I have a chronic arthritis.
2. Our church is moving slowly though progressive. Presently we have already 5 churches outreach. We supported10 church workers at minimum rate @ $170.00 each per month.
A. Please do pray that the Lord will send 5 more additional workers to the new harvest field,
B. Please do pray that the Lord will give us financial increase to support our church planters. @ a new rate of $300.00 monthly support. A total of $1,500.00 a month.

3. Church building in Inabangga Bohol. (Church planting work Started on September 2011)
We need at least $ 70.000.00 to build a new church building. Last year were able to buy 1,500 sq.m. Lot amounting to $16, 350.00. So we are praying that we can start to build this year.

4. School additional Classrooms.
Please do pray for 2 more class rooms @ $ 4, 800.00 per room. And also more enrollees to come this school year 2019- 2020
Thank so much for your concerns, God will bless IGM and the leadership of Dr. Garry Newhart.

Joe and Julie Timkang
Mandaue, Cebu Philippines