As we end the first quarter of the year 2019, we are thankful and grateful to the Lord for His continuous blessings on our family and ministries here in Liberia. We also thank all our supporters, churches and individuals who continue to support us and our works here in Liberia. Special thanks go to the IGM family their prayers and supports.

Our Family

The first three months ended well for the family. All our children including the orphans are doing well. We are still caring for fifteen (15) orphans and abandoned kids, five of whom are with us in the home, while ten are with either single mom or a family member. One of the children (Vaye Kromah) graduated from high school last year and waiting to enter college. Eddie Yanziah will be graduating from the Calvary Baptist high school this year. Kromah and Vaye have taken the college placement entrance exam for the University of Liberia. Gifty, who is in grade five, went under roll twice during the semester. Princess and Joshua will be taking the Nation Exam for grade nine this year. Patrick was given double promotion to first grade and will be graduating at the end of the school year. Marie is still lagging behind in grade first due to her low learning ability. Two of the kids, Teta Gwer and Fatu Gwehpu, do not have supporters as yet.

We praise the Lord for the health of Rose. Since her last medical visit to Accra in 2014, the Lord provided the needed funds for her to return at the begging of the year. From all tests done, the back is in good shape. She was given therapy and more drugs. Meanwhile, she has been very active in trade school, and finally completed her training in home arts, soap making and catering. She is actively involved in the production of detergents, training of church women and teaching at the women’s conference. I also thank the Lord for my health. My pressure is under control.

Church Ministries

Activities at Calvary began with the 55th Annual Business Conference, which ended in March. Major resolutions included, as usual, the preaching of the gospel, supervision of church fellowships, and the church building project. Our goal for the second and third quarters is the roofing of the edifice. During the first quarter, 31 persons made profession of faith in Christ, while one person got baptized at our fellowship (Malonkai Baptist Church) in Todee, Montserrado County. The average attendance for the quarter is as followed:

1. Sunday School: 118
2. Children Church: 110
3. Regular (Adults): 275
4. Wednesday prayer meeting and Bible study: 29

A strategic planning committee was set up to devise long and short range plans for the church. We performed two weddings during the quarter.

Church activities at the various fellowships were carried out during the quarter.

Church building Project

Progress continues to be made on the church’s construction work. Due to the present economic situation in the country, the work is at a slow pace, as we raise funds for the roofing. Before the end of the quarter, works on the last phase continued, with the installation of the iron bolts on which the roof will rest. Meanwhile, the next major fund raising program will be held on the 29th of April. The phase will cost USD $ 24,000. 00. Up to present, we have raised a later over USD $10,000. The project is being sponsored by the generous contributions of church members, and donations from friends and some churches in the US.

Jake Memorial Baptist College

During the last semester at the Jake Memorial Baptist College, I taught the Book of Psalms and Evangelism. The present enrolment of the college is twenty –two (22) students. Construction works on the new campus could not start last year, because the company that signed the first lease agreement could not keep up with the terms of the agreement. At the same time, a new lease agreement has been signed with an engineering company to lease the college’s land and construct a new academic building on the Roberts field highway where the college will be relocated. Meanwhile the college will be having its commencement on July 21, 2019.


As the George Weah’s government enters into its second year, the country is faced with serious economic problems. During the first year, the exchange rate of the Liberian dollar to the US dollar depreciated by 20 percent, while the poverty rate appreciated by 28 percent. Many Liberians are now living on less than $1 a day, with the cost of basic commodities (rice, sugar, flour, ect.) soaring. Many families are not able to send their children to school. Furthermore, some of my church members that were working with the government have been sacked. This has seriously affected the church’s income. As the result of this economic situation in the country, many of the students at the Bible College are not able to meet up with their financial obligations to the institution, and teachers cannot get their monthly transportations.

Prayer Request

Please pray for the following requests:

1. The government and President George Weah
2. Continued peace in the country
3. For the Lord to provide jobs for our members
4. The spiritual growth of the church in these difficult times
5. For our ongoing church building project. We are trusting the Lord to provide the remaining $ 14, 000.00 for the roofing
6. For my family
7. For the Jake Memorial Baptist College’s project and help with scholarships for students at the Bible College
8. For good health and wisdom to do the Lord’s work here in Liberia.
9. Funds for Rose to improve her detergent business ( USD 2, 500.00).