Hello prayer patinas,
Thank you so much for your prayers and support, I have been sick with hydrocephalus and a surgery was made successful. I also have a swollen heart and went for an expert and then to a doctor who said that my heart hypertension is at stage three.Am still under medication and will report again to the Doctor on 18th this month so as to assess my heart progress.
The ministry is going on well, Last month a total of 26 people committed their lives unto the Lord Jesus, among these, two couples joined our congregation while the rest joined our different churches in our fellowship of ten churches.One of our churches urgently needs timber for roofing 50 steel sheets as the rains are approaching. Once again our people are facing hunger due to the long drought, please remember us in your prayers.We praise the Lord for our IGM Office who donated little but was highly appreciated by the beneficiaries for Little is much with God.
1.Praise the Lord for the medication.
2.Praise the Lord for the food we received.
1.Please pray for my recovery.
2.Please pray for timber and steel sheets for church roof–$1000.00
May the Lord Bless you so much, Yours in Christ Jesus, Pastor Julius Kadenge.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support for treatment.I went to a heart specialist to examine me and after the examination I took the results to my doctor who advised me to a more experienced one who subscribed me medicines.The whole process costed me $130.00. Am still under medication and I shall report to the Doctor on 18th March for her to see my progress.
Am going on well concerning with the hydrocel surgery.I can now waik to the church for servises.
Thank the Lord for this progress.Yours in Christ Jesus, Pastor Julius Kadenge.