Dear Prayer Warriors and Supporters,

It is with a grateful heart I come to you to wish you a Happy Easter. To me, it is the best holiday of the year for Christ was crucified, buried, and rose again the third day. Praise the Lord, He conquered death and returned to Heaven, promising to return for us at the appointed time. (I Thessalonians 4:9-18) I believe He is coming soon.

The Lord is good to me and I’m happy in my home. I live just down the road from my sister, Ruth Ann, and she takes me to the doctor, grocery shopping, and sometimes I ride along in the truck as they sell hay. Some kind of medicine gives me hives so I take a pink pill to counteract that reaction. I’m pretty healthy for my age. I enjoy Christian radio and television and correspond with missionaries who studied at our school. This gives me much to pray for. I am sending some of the requests to you to help in this ministry.

Gary Parker reports and asks us to pray for the construction going on in Benevides. The kitchen reform should finish this month and the dormitory should be done in July. He also mentioned that the k-12 school has ten more kids than last year and is doing well. We started with only 35 students in 1999. Torrential rains have hindered the work but they are making progress. Praise the Lord.

A young couple who worked with me in the library and have been missionaries since graduating in 2000 have now returned to campus with their three children who need high school educations, etc. They need our prayers as they adapt to life in the town. He should teach in our seminary and perhaps she will help in the library. I don’t know how things are going. Life is very simple in the Amazon Region so it means big changes. Please pray.

A notice in the Brazilian news is that 598 deaths occurred with the cyclone Idai in Mocambique. Pray for their families who remained. Our own country needs your prayers after some tornados went through the Southern states. The news show terrible destruction of homes and vehicles. You just can’t imagine how terrible it is.

The president of Brazil, Bolsonaro, advised that they would not have Daylight Savings Time this year.

Gabor, a Child Evangelism missionary in Hungary, wrote that there is an urgent need for a literature coordinator and a leader for Budapest. Pray for the salvation of children who attend Easter Clubs. Pray for the staff as they prepare for a busy summer outreach, including the training of 30 youth to be summer missionaries. Gabor needs daily strength and wisdom to lead the ministry.

Dave and Mary Ann Cox wrote about their visit to MEVA (Evangelical Mission to the Amazon Valley) where they spoke at their 40th year conference. It was great and they visited an Indias tribe traveling in a small plane from Missionary Aviation Fellowship. The majority of their missionaries are graduates of our schools. I correspond with many of them by email. There is a real need for more missionaries.

Many Venezuelans have left their country and gone to surrounding countries. Many are starving and have little hope. Many went to Cueula in Colombia. Their needs are great. Pray for them, too. Our own country is having difficulty with Mexicans crossing the border. We need to spread the Gospel more and more. There is a lot of misery out there and we can’t do it all. Please pray and give as the Lord leads.

Thank you for your faithfulness in giving and praying with me for these many missionaries. Prayer changes things and lives. May we be faithful in backing these people and others up to meet the Lord in the air. May He come soon.


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