And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: Matthew 12:25

And he changeth the times and the seasons: He removeth kings, and setteth up kings:
He giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: Daniel 2:21

Dear Prayer Partner and/or Supporter:

I always find it interesting to be dialed into the world, called planet Earth, in which we find ourselves and its condition. Then also, it is interesting to observe the bent of man’s thinking compared with the Word of God. Even though at times emotions may run rampant, yet, one cannot lose sight of Who is in control. Our God is very interested in His people who have recognized the depravity of their own being and called upon His Son, the Lord Jesus, for His mercy and salvation.

I am often reminded of the story of Andrew Byrd who found himself lost in the Antarctica. He had been outside a distance from his home when a storm came and it became impossible to see his way to his home of protection. He knew if he tried to find his way, he would certainly become lost and easily would freeze to death. He had a large pole and he stuck the pole in the snow and would venture out but always would keep it in his sight. Each time, he would walk further out and make a circle around the pole. When he could barely see the pole, or it would flash from sight, he would race back to the pole because it marked what he knew lest he lose his way. He did this several times until finally he found his home of protection. Sometimes we may become lost in the storms of life. Yet, when we turn to Him, we find our comfort in His Word and His promises that we are His child and He promised He would never leave us nor forsake us. One day we will be home for good and in a place where all tears shall be wiped away. There are many that have lost their way and need to get back to where they can find the security that all is okay no matter the storms in our lives. Jesus, loves me this I know!

Nancy and I are doing well and trying to follow and do all that He would desire of our lives. Things happen that are beyond our control but we run back to His Word and promises and try to get some answers. However, many times it demands the faith He has given to us and many times we come back to Prov. 3:5-6. The one thing that is most needed is His wisdom to take the next step until we get home. Both of us are grateful for your faithfulness in praying and giving to our personal needs.

IGM is moving along and doing as well as can be expected in light of the pressing needs in the 28 countries where there is an IGM presence. Much more can be done but to do that it will take more funds and personnel. By the time you receive this letter, both men will have arrived in the USA. Etienne Degbey Togo, West Africa and Rao Jutike from India are each scheduled for several meetings, March 3 through April 7. Koffi Wodome from Togo, West Africa and his family are here to facilitate transportation and translation for brother Degbey. Michael Grubbs or I will be taking Rao to the churches on his schedule. Pray that they will receive good offerings to cover their expenses and be able to take some funds home for support and projects.

I would also ask you to pray for the men on the Mission Council as we face several necessary transitions. Your prayers are deeply appreciated and longed for. Soon, spring will be upon us and many things need to be done at the Mission. We need a couple of teams to come and help put our building and grounds back in shape. Also, the Mission needs two free vehicles in good shape and not too high mileage to use for transporting our visiting national church planters and missionaries. Please call if you can help in any way.

• Daily strength, wisdom, and health to serve our Savior
• Safe arrival of Rao Jutike, India and Etienne Degbey of Togo
• Maintenance and gardening help to care for the needed repairs on our buildings and grounds

• Need a Volunteer Office Helper

• More MSA (Mission Service Account) funds needed to run IGM

• Booking meetings for each 6-week period (If your church would like to schedule a meeting for *Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, or Team 4 – please call the IGM office, 585-334-9048)

• Safety for traveling – March 3 – April 7 – Koffi Wodome will be taking Etienne Degbey from Togo to meetings (*Degbey has several “Open for Meeting” dates). *Michael Grubbs or Gary Newhart will be taking Rao Jutike from India to meetings.

We will not be having our Mission Training School in August this year. We will be bringing two National Church Planters for six weeks at a time, see dates below:
Team #1 March 3rd through April 7th
Team #2 April 28th through June 2nd
Team #3 September 8th through October 13th
Team #4 November 3rd through December 8th


*Team #1- March 3 – April 7, Michael Grubbs or Gary Newhart will be taking Rao Jutike from India to meetings:

March 3-MS Embassy of Christ Bible Ch. Rochester, NY
March 3-ES Open for Meeting
March 6-Wed. West Clarksville Baptist Church, Bolivar, NY
March 10-MS Faith Bible Church, Honeoye, NY
March 10-ES Open for Meeting
March 13-Wed. Charity Bible Church, Scottsville, NY
March 17-MS Victory Baptist Church, Albion, NY
March 17-ES Amazing Grace Bap. Ch., Oriskany Falls, NY
March 20-Wed. Open for Meeting
March 24-MS First Baptist Church, Angelica, NY
March 24-ES Bethel Baptist Church, Bergen, NY
March 27-Wed. Open for Meeting
March 31-MS Maranatha Baptist Ch., Dover, DE
March 31-ES Independent Bible Fellowship, Harrington, DE
April 3-Wed. Cornerstone Baptist Church, Geneseo, NY
April 7-MS Maranatha Bible Baptist Ch., Watertown, NY
April 7-ES First Baptist Church, Three Mile Bay, NY

Call the office if your church would like to schedule a meeting for one of the “Open For Meeting” dates.

March 19–IGM Council Meeting
June 10–IGM Council Meeting
Sept. 10–IGM Council Meeting
Dec. 10–IGM Annual Council Meeting