P.O BOX 32- 30105 SOY

Dear prayer partners,
We as Joy B.C family do thank God for this grace and mercy for the last year 2018. Thank you so much for standing with us in prayers and support; thank you so much.
Through your prayers last year we had 61 souls who were saved and 58 baptized in our churches. We have planted one church which is under a tree. We are discipling men and women to faithfully follow Christ and prepare them for the work of the ministry. Please we need your prayers so much.


– Praise God for the saved and baptized souls.
– Through IGM and Angelica Baptist church we got the church building.
– Praise God for our Bible College.
– We praise God for Pastor, Mrs. And daughter Russ Alexander are in the country.


1. Pray for more souls to be saved and plant more churches.
2. Pray for our upcoming graduation early March.
3. Pray for our Bible school.
4. Pray for the church under tree need 1500 USD for plot.
5. Pray for Joy Baptist church, it needs to expand the church plot 3000 USD.
6. Pray for the orphans some are in need of cloth, food and school fees.
7. Pray for pastors’ and their families.

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Thank you so much
Yours in the vine yard
Justus Wafula.