Greetings to you from churches in Benin.

We thank God for his meticulous care and the new year he’s allowed us to see. Our prayer is that this year brings us closer to him, and that we are more obedient to the great commission for the salvation of souls.

I hope, dear brothers and sisters in Christ, that you are in good health and that the year has started well for you!

Family news

I’m well by the grace of God. However, my wife is pregnant, which led us to the hospital several times since the beginning of the year. But now, she is doing better. The long journeys we make every week to fulfill the ministry allow us to experience the joy of sharing the word of God.


The church continues to hold regular meetings with up to 70 people at times. The end-of-year meetings of 2018 went well. The first worship of the year brought together our two churches, as we are used to. It was a great moment of communion and sharing. The implication of all the members for the success of these events is an encouragement for us. And we believe that the year is well under way and promises progress for the Lord.

However, some members started the year with some difficulties: in terms of health, work and other challenges. The challenge for the church is to be able to accompany and help these brothers. We do it as much as possible, but we need prayer. Please, pray for God to support these mem and women, and help them find the solution to their problems.

Goals for 2019

  • Strengthen our churches
  • Have more workers in the ministry
  • Evangelism program

Pray for me and my wife so that God will provide for all our needs. Problems with her pregnancy have required more resources than we have. We need help. God bless you while you’re obeying his voice.

Thank you, and may the year be successful for all of us.