Dear Prayer Partners,

“In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you”. I Thessalonians 5:18

What a joy to know that the Lord in His Marvelous Grace has granted us another new year. But sadly, the Lord called back home one of our dear friend Joan Hust last December 9, 2018. We will never understand completely all our Wonderful Father does but He is always a Good Father for us as His children. We wish for each one of you a Wonderful New Year 2019. May the Lord helps us to be more closer to Him and to know Him more.

The Lord was Faithful to us in many ways last year 2018 and especially for bringing to His Kingdom several lost souls to Himself.

Let us share with you of how 3 of them came to know the Lord as their personal Savior & Lord. The 1st person is a young man called Serge. It was 3rd Sunday in November 2018. We used to have couple meetings every third Sunday in the month. We finished our meeting and I was in home relaxing and watching my Sunday evening soccer game on TV as usual. Around 8pm, one of our men called Enoch knocked at our door. I asked him to come in. When he saw me, he said, oh Pastor you are watching TV, I did not want to disturb you. I asked him what he wanted. He said that, on his way to home, a young guy approached him and told him that he was looking for a Pastor for a help. He added saying that he thinks that something is wrong with this young man. He added by saying, I will let him go as you were relaxing watching soccer game. I said to my brother Enoch, no, no, let him come. I turned off the TV and went out to meet with this young man Serge and Enoch left to his house. I spent more than 2 hours with this young man. Serge is a young man about 30 years old. He was crying when he was narrating me his story. Briefly, this young man was fleeing from his family. He lives in another village which is about 15 kilometers from us. He had a bag filled with some of his clothes and belongings. He said that demons and withes are after him. He could no more sleep in his room because of these bad spirits. He is afraid for his life because according to him this opposition is coming from his family. When I was talking with him, he brought out a Bible from his bag saying that it was given to him by a girl when they were in College but he never read it. The Lord opened the eyes of this young man that night to see the truth and to believe in Him and to accept Him as His Lord and Savior. Do you know that this young man went back with a great joy to his village that night? WHAT A WONDERFUL SAVIOR WE HAVE! Serge is no more the same. You can see this joy in his face whenever he comes to church. Serge continues living in the same house, in the same room since he gave his life to the Lord and He is no more disturb in the night by these evil spirits. PRAISE THE LORD!

The second blessing is about a young man Roger and his mother. They used to stay in our home whenever they came to our town to sell. They live in a town called Sokode which is about 75 kilometers away from us. Last Thursday 17th January, when his son Roger went to a mechanic to repair their motorcycle, his mother and my wife were talking about heaven as usual. It was there my wife told her that she will bend up going to hell if she does not accept Christ as her Lord and Savior. The woman is very religious. She cried out, “no I do want go to hell after all I am doing?” And she asked my wife: “what is hindering me to accept Christ now?” My wife called me to join the conversion. A few minutes later, her son Roger came back from mechanic. The son said: we are late mom, we need to go. Her mother replied, I know we are late but sit down and listen to this message for it is very important. Both listen to the Gospel message and accepted Christ as their Savior & Lord that morning. Both hug us with joy and the mother said: “this is how we will hug each other when we meet in Heaven”. The great joy filled our heart that morning and there were tears coming out. We gave them each French Bible and we gave instructions how to read it.

By the way, some of you can remember that one of our churches in the town called Sotouboua started the same way as this woman and her son met the Lord. The church in this town today because our car broke down in the market place of this town when we were on our way to Lome. And there is a big church there now, souls are saved in this town today because of the broken vehicle. This woman and her son are saved today because of the broken motorcycle. What a great joy will be in Heaven when we will hug these many souls we never met on this earth because you pray, you give and we all go.

The Lord keeps His promise by saving and adding souls to His Church. Six loved souls were baptized last 23rd December 2018 in Temple Shalom, Kara after confessing Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

We continue progressing in the church building in Kara for Temple Shalom. But there are still more to be done. Please, pray with us that the Lord may provide for the continuation and for other churches building constructions. We need about $3,500 to finish the 1st floor concreate roof. We are praying that the Lord may provide for this need before the raining season which will be from April.

All our orphans are doing well. And many of them have given their life to the Lord. Please, pray for their spiritual growth and for the salvation of their relatives.

The Lord is making it possible for us to visit your beautiful Country this year. What a joy it will be for us to seeing some of you in few weeks if the Lord permits. Please, we need your prayers and for the Lord to open more doors and help us to make new friends for the continuation of the ministry in Togo.

Until then, may the Lord continue blessing each one of You Greatly.

In His Service,
Pastor Paul & Nicole