Christmas Festivities

If these children and their parents had a joyous Christmas, it was because of you. Ladies of the church prepared a great feast of rice or pasta at each of the five churches. Make-shift tables were made from the church benches, plastic plates were purchased and the children came on Christmas Day for the great feast. A can of soda was given to each child as a special treat. For many of the children, this was the first time they have enjoyed such a feast. A feast was also prepared at the Blind School. Thank you for your gifts to make this Christmas so special.

The Wait is Over

For the village of Sabaringadé , the purchase of church land has been a long wait. The church met under the mango tree for many months before moving to “Papa David’s” land where a temporary shelter was made. One night, during a Jesus film projection, the Chief called Papa David to come to his house. The next morning, Papa David, and the church leaders went to see the Chief. They were surprised with the good news that the wait was over, and the Chief was ready to give them land for the church.

On Sunday, December 30, 2018, the Chief and his leaders presented the land to the church. By Thursday, the very excited church members began to make the bricks for the new building. People came, water was brought in jugs and pans, and the ground was dug to provide the sand to make the bricks. It was also decided that a hand dug well would be made for easier access to water. Many people of all ages have come out daily to begin this new endeavor. We praise God for the excitement of all the church members. We also praise God for all the prayers that were prayed for the Chief’s heart to be softened.

New Village Reached

We praise God for the life of Frank, our leader in Doussidé. He has chosen to go to the village of Tchaourodé, 15km from Doussidé, to begin a new church. Last month, through some faithful donors, we were able to purchase a motorcycle for Frank. He is putting it to good use for God’s work. One man has opened his home to hold services. People have come, bringing their own small bench or chair to hear the Word of God being taught. Please pray for Frank, his family, and this new church plant.

Building Update

We thank God for the Labidé church building. We are very happy, and it is a great privilege to see how the church as Labidé moves ahead. We are in the final phase of the project, which is to cement the floor inside the church, and plaster the walls with cement. Thank you for praying for this project, and more importantly, for the lives of those who will be reached with the Gospel by this church.

Prayer Warrior Corner

Praise for the construction efforts at Labidé
Praise the Christmas Feast
Praise for the new land at Sabaringadé and the excitement of the members
Praise for the new church plant at Tchaourodé
Praise for new members who have joined the churches
Pray for finances to finish the cement floor and plaster at Labidé
Pray for the finances for the new church building at Sabaringadé
Pray for the finances at the blind school
Pray for souls to be saved and more new members to join the churches
Pray for opportunities for us to present the ministry in churches and groups as we try to fill the calendar for the Spring