Wesley Chatla, India – Dedication

Dear Prayer Partner & Supporter,

Greetings in Jesus’ Name.

It was a day we have been praying for for almost a year, a day we have been waiting for, a day when our hearts were grateful to God for answering our prayers. A brand new rented facility, in the heart of the city, with a capacity of nearly 100 people, was dedicated to be our church building until we could buy land and build a church. We are so thankful for this blessing and are again reminded of His faithfulness, and strengthened by His amazing grace.

On the evening of August 25th, a group of nearly 40 people gathered in the facility for a watch night prayer meeting, comprised of our believers and some pastors from our 2 fellowships. On the morning of the 26th, at 11:30 AM, my dad, Rev. Dr. Chatla Devasahayam, inaugurated the facility and dedicated it to be our church to gather on Wednesdays and Sundays to worship and learn from His Word. Nearly 140 people joined us to celebrate this joyous occasion.

The program started with praise and worship songs, followed by a short message by Dad, testimony by Mom, greetings by some local pastors, exhortation by my brother, Luther Chatla, and local pastors, and the final prayer was by Moses Chatla. It all came to an end with cake-cutting and a delicious lunch. I praise God for everything and glory to Him alone.

We are thankful for the provision of the facility and now pray that God may fill this place with people who need the joy of salvation, peace and citizenship in heaven. Would you please join with us as we are in need of a few things in this new facility: 1. Full sound equipment, 2. Roland pads, 3. Projector screen, 4. Glass podium, 5. Sign boards outside, etc. We also need to cover the dedication expenses for which we still need of $4,100 out of $5,000. We are thankful that we received $700 from the US and $200 from local churches. Please pray that God will provide those funds soon so that we can start using the provisions for His glory. Please send all gifts to IGM and mention Wesley Chatla for new church plant. This is all a one-time investment and we are thankful for your prayers and concern. Please lift us up in prayer.

It is indeed a blessing to have Godly parents and I’m blessed abundantly. Dad and Mom have always been our role models in ministry. The hardships they faced in raising 8 children, along with ministry in those days, without a proper house, their own vehicles to travel, and the challenges initially made me reluctant to come to ministry. But God, in His perfect plan, designed everything in His time, and I’m here today, serving Him by sharing the Gospel in the city of Machilipatnam. My parents’, especially my Mom’s, prayers weren’t in vain. The joy in their eyes was quite obvious, which occasionally came out as tears. And I’m thankful to fill that little space in their hearts with joy.

We were all excited to have our first service in our new facility. This is more spacious than the previous one. The attendance was 21 with a few absentees. We are happy to have 3 new members added to our church. Praise the Lord.

We’ll be starting an English service before the regular service (4:00-5:30 PM) in a few weeks. Our church will be the first one to have an English service in the city, and we are hoping to see some youth and non-locals, who can follow only English.


I am grateful and thankful to the Lord for my family. We are so grateful to you for your sacrificial support and prayers for my family. God is so faithful and we are always thankful for His guidance and loving care. Our children are busy with studies and are enjoying their new Sunday school classes. Sonia continues to work at the school and helps me in the ministry. Joshua finished his 11th grade and is about to start 12th grade. Please pray for his future as he is interested in coming to the States for further studies as he is following the Bob Jones homeschooling curriculum. Joseph is in 8th grade and he can continue in the same school up to 12th grade. So, our schedule is always busy as we are looking after the Christian school, the new church plant along with two other churches in the fellowship, and filling the gap for my Dad in other fellowship activities. Without your prayers and support, it will be very challenging for us to move forward. Thank you so much for everything you do. I praise God for the opportunity to share the Word in different areas with pastors and youth and in public meetings.


1. Rented church facility which can accommodate 100 people
2. For His guidance and protection in our travels
3. No rain during the day of the church dedication as the forecast said it would be pouring that day
4. Adding of the three new church members who are not going anywhere
5. Stable health of my parents
6. Praise God for praying and supporting friends.

Prayer Requests

1. Pray that God may fill this new church facility with new people, for spiritual growth and finances.
2. Need US $4,100 to meet the above mentioned needs
3. Pray for the upcoming believers’ retreat from the 30th of Aug – the 3rd of Sept, 2017.
4. Strength and wisdom in ministry
5. Pray for Mr.& Mrs. Koteswar Rao.

Training Opportunity

It has been my desire and prayer to train the nationals and laymen in strong Biblical foundations ever since I returned from the US. God opened the doors for me to speak at the Mission Asia LSD seminar in Bangkok this past June and it was just amazing how God blessed the time together. Before that, God opened the doors for me, through one of my friend in the US, to attend the 500 Years Martin Luther’s Reformation Conference and it was just a blessed experience there. I am thankful to the Lord for the wonderful opportunity to visit the place where he established his work and stood for the Word of God.

Please Remember

The name of the town where we started the church is Machilipatnam. It has a population of 250,000. Only 20,000 people in this town are Christians and that includes all denominations. So, please pray that new souls will be added.

Thank you for your time.

Have a blessed week.

God Bless!!!

Wesley Chatla