Timothy and Ramona Abbott, United States — Family News

“Behold, I will do a new thing: now it shall spring forth; and shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19

This verse drew my attention in the start of the New Year. We praise the Lord for His faithfulness in the past year. Our heart’s desire for the New Year is to continue in service to our Lord in whatever, or wherever, He has for us.

The past year was full of excitement and experiences: seeing our daughter, Melissa, graduate from high school, being a part of two graduations in Mexican Bible Institutes, and seeing God provide and open doors for Melissa to go to college (Bob Jones University).

In June, we had our VBS at our colonia where we serve. We had a good group of kids. We saw one come to Christ and stay faithful in coming to Sunday school.

July was full of ministry activities. We were able to serve in a Christian camp as a family. Melissa served as a counselor, Ramona served in the kitchen, and Natanael and I served in the maintenance, in keeping things up and going for six weeks of camp with over 400 kids throughout the summer. We saw many kids make decisions and re-encounter their lives with Christ.

In August, we were able to visit and help with VBS at our church in Victoria and our Mission Church in Juan Rincon, Mexico. It was a great time of fellowship with our people and family, but better yet, it was joyful to see God working in the lives of those who heard the Word again.

The last week of August, we set out to take our daughter, Melissa, to college. We did not have the funds to do so, but we felt that is what God had for her. I told Melissa over and over ag

ain, “If God wants you there, He will open doors and provide what is necessary”. And guess what? God opened each door in the way and provided! Melissa was able to finish her first semester at college FREE of debt and with a GPA of 3.4. God is so good and proves Himself in marvelous ways. We cannot praise Him enough. Over and over again, we see His hand in our lives.

We praise the Lord for our son, Natanael. He is also growing up, and we see him getting involved in helping at school and in the ministry, also. He is doing very well in school. His teac

hers are excited to see his improvement. He is even talking about going on to college after high school. We pray God will lead in his life, also.

Timothy, our oldest, and his wife, Yessica, gave us the surprise that would make us grandparents in February. We praise the Lord everything is well with the pregnancy, and we are excited already for the coming of Lyanna Abbott!

The past two and a half years have been times of learning and watching God at work in our lives and ministry. We are serving in a poor colonia here in the Texas valley. We have been discouraged many times, but God lifts us up and shows us He is still in control and has something for us.

We have a small group of faithful kids come every week to learn about Jesus. We come back to them every so often and ask about their salvation and they will respond with the precise time when they made a profession. This year at Christmas, one little girl (Angela) mentioned that her family was going to “lay baby Jesus down” (this is a Catholic practice) and asked what she should do. Ramona was able to show her that as Christians, we do not practice that but we could pray for her family to come to know Jesus. Little things like that encourage us to keep going. We see God is working in their lives.

God has allowed me to go back and forth across the border and preach on the Mexican side, helping several pastors preach. I had the privilege of baptizing three in one of the churches and have also preached in two other churches. One of the churches has invited me to come once a week and teach them on the subject of Christian living. Pray God will use me and that we may see them grow in the Lord.

I was also able to go further into Mexico to preach and encourage our fellow ministers. One need is textbooks for the Bible Institutes that have opened and continue to prepare young men and ladies for God’s work in Mexico. Please pray God will provide funds for the material to take into Mexico.

We praise the Lord that Juan and Becky Duran (Becky is my sister’s daughter) have made it to Ecuador and are now serving there. Please pray that God will greatly use them and will continue to provide for them.

We also praise the Lord for providing the new American vehicle we needed for our ministry in the US!

We want to thank you for your faithfulness in standing with us for our Lord! We do not have the words to express our gratitude for what you do so we can continue doing what God has for us. It is our joy to serve our Savior and desire to do so until He comes for us or until He calls us home. We desire and pray God will bless you this 2018, and that you may continue on for the Lord in your part of His service.

We are now headed into 2018 and ask you to pray with us for the following needs

1. For our trip to South Carolina to take Melissa back to school
2. Funds for Melissa to continue in college (BJU)
3. For God’s clear leading in what He has for us in this New Year
4. Funds to continue to help our fellow ministers in Mexico
5. Our kids in their daily walk with Christ and to do what God has for each of them
6. For our continued NEEDED support
7. Pray for Juan and Becky Duran as they minister in Ecuador as missionaries.

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for standing with us as we serve our Lord!

Yours in Christ,
Timothy and Ramona Abbott