Suresh Babu, Vision2020Asia–Mass Media

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings to you in the most precious Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!


My family is safe and healthy. Our eldest daughter is searching for a new job in the IT field, please pray. My mother-in-law in her old age has some health challenges, please pray for her healing. Our younger daughter and my beloved wife are supporting me in the ministry.

Gospel Ministry

Evangelism through our team of pastors was conducted in Mukkiralapadu village, a remotely located village. Street preaching, distribution of Mukkiralapadu evangelism 2Gospel tracts and praying for the sick are the features of the outreach ministry. Many people listened to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and five people made professions of faith during the meeting.

T & F Bible Course:

Truth and Freedom’s 27th graduation program was conducted for 18 students at Prathipadu Village. More and more people are seeking the course and among all the languages, the Telugu people are the most interested and benefitted by this program. ‘Til now, 2,111 students have graduated from the Telugu language course. Praise be to the Lord Almighty. We need course materials to be printed, please pray.

Dr. James W. Starr’s Visit

Our beloved International Director, Jim Starr, visited us between August 30-31st. He preached on Sunday at IBM Church an inspiring message on the topic, God is Faithful. As a result, 6 souls were saved in the Sunday worship service. On August 31st, he preached to the Bible college students and pastors on the Jabez Prayer. His stay, fellowship and ministry inspired us and it was a benefit to many souls in our ministry field.Jim Starr Teaching 1

Home Church Building Construction

God, in a very special way, gave us a small plot of land where we started constructing a small church building for the believers of the Dowleswaram congregation. So far, we have been able to build the foundation and basement and we are praying that God will provide us with some funds to lay a concrete roof. We require $4,000 to do the concrete roof, please pray.

Television Broadcasts

Our International Director, Dr. James W. Starr, has launched presenting the Gospel through mass media. India is a big country with a huge population, in order to reach them quickly, we need to use mass media. On the 1st of Sept., the programs started airing. This is a very important ministry, our director has funds only for three months and by faith we are asking the Lord to provide so that we can continuConstruction of Church Building at Dowleswaram 3e this blessed and fruitful ministry.

Prayer Needs:

A] We need 1,000 sets of T & F lessons. Kindly pray for the funds required to print this material. One set of 25 books costs Rs 30-00 to print. One thousand sets cost 30×1000 = 30,000 Rupees or US $470.
B] Pray for the Rakshana T.V. broadcasting program.
C] New Grace Baptist Church’s building construction financial needs.

Thank you for your prayers and support, we praying for you and your family. Please continue to remember us in your daily prayers. God Bless you.

In His Harvest,Construction of Church Building at Dowleswaram 4
Rev. Suresh Babu R.
Tribal Missionary
Vision2020Asia / India