Siaway Dahnkuan

Siaway Dahnkuan, Liberia — Ministry Updates

Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

I greet you in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus!

Here are some updates on the ministry here in Liberia.

A) Pastor Arthur L. Gongbaye and his family have been sent to Paynesville Community near Monrovia where they live and serve as resident pastor. They worship on the porch of the house in which they live. In July, 2018, a flood disaster took place and God miraculously delivered them, but they lost everything they owned. We gave them $30.00 USD.

B) We transport one evangelist who joins Arthur Gongbay every Sunday in teaching and preaching as well. Transport costs $5.00*4*3=$60.00.

Church Planting Trip

From August 8 through August 11, 2018, I joined Pastor Richard Reeyah in Ganta City in making feasibility studies for the establishment of a branch of the Bible Believing Baptist Church. Ganta is about two hundred miles from Monrovia. It was in this city that we started the second church congregation in 1982, but civil war erupted in 1990 in Liberia, thus, the city was destroyed. This trip cost us $100.00 USD.

At the Headquarters

Currently, the church worship center costs $45.00 per month and the residence also costs $45.00 per month times three months is equal to $270.00.

Bible School

Opens August 15, 2018 after vacation.

Bible Believing Christian School of Diversified Skills is a semi-high school tenth grade.

International Council of Youth and Adults for Christ is very active and currently functioning.

Thanks a million for prayer and financial supports.

Rev. Siaway Dahnkuan