Shimreipam Phungshok, Vision2020–Health

Dear Pastors, Churches and Friends,

Greetings to you in the precious Name of our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST. We rejoice in the Lord for every one of you, for the blessing that you are to us and to the Word of God. We know your love and your sacrifice and we are grateful for them with all of our hearts.Mother's Day Celebration

Political Situation: Please pray for our government concerning the political and financial corruption at high levels of the government and business here in Manipur state in Imphal. The current scenario in Manipur includes regular strikes, the ethnic clashes, kidnappings for ransom, mass protests, rallies and sit-in dharnas which are hindering evangelism and missionary work. The presence of Indian soldiers is common on the streets of Manipur and is creating a fear psychosis among our people. Much prayer is needed for India at this time, especially Manipur.

Church Update:  On May 8th, we had a wonderful time celebrating Mother’s Day in our church. To show honor to all the mothers in our church, we crowned each mother with Imphalflowers and I prayed for them and challenged them  on the subject of the “Role of a Mother”.

This is a picture of the area where we are currently located. This is indeed a really beautiful place right in the heart of Imphal city. The months of June and July are the hottest months of the year, and we had a heavy rain as well. In this picture you will see a red spot. This is the place we bought last year on which we are going build our new church building. As soon as the rainy season is over, we will start building and we are excited.

Last Sunday, Dr. Jim Starr, our Vision2020asia director, came and preached to our church family. I thank God that he preached a powerful sermon on Salvation, Missions, and Giving. During the altar call, there were at least 12 people who raised their hand for salvation and many others made decisions and promised that they will give regular tithes and for the mission. Praise the Lord! Phung with Jim Starr

Family Update: Last month, I was down with a high fever for a week and was admitted to the hospital. They took the necessary tests and the doctor found out that I had tonsillitis. The past month has been a tough month for our family. My son, Jeremiah, was sick for two weeks and our little girl, Faith, was not well for almost a month because of a prolonged cough, fever and cold. She had an ear infection. But praise the Lord, now they are getting better. We thank the Lord for each one of you, for your love, prayers and financial support that have made all this possible.

Prayer Requests:

1) Salvation and growth of souls in our church.
2) Our family’s health

Because of Christ,

Jeremiah, Faith, Awon & Shimrei Phungshok Family