Rev. Suresh Babu, Vision2020Asia — August

Greetings to you in the magnificent Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Family News

Our newborn, son of my daughter, Esther, is growing well. They left us this month to stay at Hyderabad and the family is adjusting to the newborn. Please pray for their well-being. My daughter is going to start her job soon. My wife and youngest are supporting me at home. Our youngest daughter, Sarah, will be completing her education by the end of this year, please pray for her future.

Outreach Gospel Ministry

We have conducted outreach meetings at Veeralankapalli village during this month and tracts were distributed, house-to-house Gospel preaching and meetings were conducted and 6 souls were saved. Praise the Lord.

Truth and Freedom Bible Course

The 42nd graduation was conducted at Veeralankapalli in the locality of Ambedhkar Colony. 22 students completed the course and sixteen attended the graduation to receive certificates and we gave them pens. Ms. Yamuna and Ms.Lakshmi, two young girls, gave wonderful testimonies regarding how they benefited from the course.


Dr. Tom Williams’ and Dr. James W. Starr’s messages were broadcasted during this month. Mr. M. Sekhar from Warangal called and expressed his great response as to how the sermons are touching his life and he is growing in the Lord through the teaching of those men of God. He enrolled in our T&F course and gave a good testimony. The TV ministry is very useful to reach hundreds of people; scores of people are enrolling in the T&F course.

Intercessory Prayers

Every month, periodically, a pastors’ meeting is conducted and prayers are offered for the TV callers who place before us their personal and spiritual needs.

August 2017

T&F and T.V. Ministry at a Glance

Episodes completed 105 through 8/29/2017
Total applications received 859
Total of prayer calls received 1385
Total 2244

Certificates sent to those who completed the course = 794

Thanks to all the prayer partners and financial supporters. Your fervent prayers and generous support are valuable and the may the Lord bless you, your family, and your church abundantly. Without your prayers and support, we may not be able to do this much ministry.

God Bless You.

Yours in His Harvest,
Rev. Suresh Babu
Rajahmundry, S. India

Prayer Requests & Needs

A] Gospel van for outreach camps.[Essential and urgent need]
B] Volunteers for T&F ministry
C] New church plants need place for worshiping
D] Tracts and Bible literature for outreach