Rev, G. Larque Vaye, Liberia — School Needs

List of Students and Fees for the year

1. Gifty Vaye, attends Wriangar Elem. School, 9 years old, 4th grade, fees $500


2. Ernest Kollie, attends Kendeja High School, 17 years old, fees $100


3. Princess Sackie, attends Shine Christian Academy, 17 years old, 8th grade, fees $150


4. Vaye Kromah, attends Jimmy Jolokon, 18 years old, 12th grade, fees $300


5. Marie Manjoe, attends ITT Comm. School, 12 years old, 1st grade, fees $100


6. Eddie Yanziah, attends Cal. Bapt. High School, 17 years old, 11th grade, $100 for school materials


7. 8 kids from Nimba County, attending Vonleh Elementary, nursery-grade 6, ages 5-15, fees $200


8. Rosie Vaye, attends Christ Kingdom School, 3 years old, nursery class, fees $50


Total need: USD $1,500



We want to thank all those who have been helping our kids in school. For the past seven years, Rose and I have been caring for children, most of whom are orphans, abandoned, or of single mothers. Five of these children live with us in our home and the rest live with single moms while we help to support them in school. School opens this month and we have not been able to register many of them, let alone pay any fees. Please see the list above and kindly assist us in whatever way you can. May God bless you.

Rev. and Mrs. G. Larque Vaye
Calvary Baptist Church
Monrovia, Liberia