Priyanath Rufus, India–Much Travel

Dearly Beloved,

Greetings from India in the most precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hope you are doing very fine, and your family and ministry, too. PEFCOC Ministry is moving forward by your prayers. This summer was the hottest so far. Thousands died. Thanks to God for sparing our lives to still be useful to Him.

*After my Holland trip, I had to travel extensively within the state, including Hyderabad, a couple of times.

*I solemnized a couple of weddings in Kona Seema.

*I had to visit our church-planting ministry in Kona Seema several times on various occasions.

*My second daughter, Preethi, was blessed with her second baby boy on May 25th. It was a normal delivery. Mother and baby are safe and healthy. Thank you for your prayers.

*We had 3 days of open-air prayer meetings in Ponnamanda village on April 27, 28 & 29. It was a great blessing to the church and the village.

*In the village of Gudapalli, God enabled our Bible Woman, Mrs. Suvaartamma, to construct a small house. Until now, she had faced many hardships, espeConstruction in Progresscially during monsoons, in a mud house with a thatched roof. We dedicated the house on the 4th of May for the glory of God to be manifested from it through the family. Praise God.

*It has been 15 years since my wife left me and our children for her eternal home. God comforted and encouraged us all these years to be a testimony unto His love. On Sunday the 14th, we are organizing a small prayer meeting in this connection to follow the worship service. Thanks for your prayers that have sustained us so far.

*The church construction work kept going very fast until a couple weeks back. Right now, it has slowed down for want of funds. A lot of work needs attention.

Ground Floor: 50% parsonage & 50% Bible College classrooms

Work still to bOverall View of Buildinge done: flooring & false roof in the sanctuary, sexton’s quarters, vestry, restrooms, storeroom & overhead tank, ramp in the front connecting the road, front elevation, construction of stage on the ground for open air meetings and compound wall.

Amount spent to date: Rs. 41,00,000 ($68,333)
Amount still required: Rs. 20,00,000 ($33,333)

Hopeful of your prayers and financial participation to complete this project.

Warm Regards,
Pastor Priyanath Rufus First Floor Sanctuary