Paul Syaiti, Uganda — Outreach Update

Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are okay and serving the King of kings.

Pastor Russ Alexander gave me a motorcycle and I used it to travel 440 KM round trip to the Sebei region of northeastern Uganda near Tororo. I was able to give soap, sugar, petroleum jelly, and tea leaves to some elderly ladies and there are more who need your prayers. Pastor Paul Okoth and the women were surprised and said it was the first time they had seen this. It was with great joy that I made this visit and shared the support that was given to me by you, my friends.

Pastor Peter welcomed me to his home with great joy and said to thank the IGM family for the great work they are doing in Uganda. The challenge he mentioned is the house and bedding. He sleeps on the floor using a tent as a mattress.

This compassion ministry is helping our people both spiritually and physically. We pray that God will continue using you to reach the widows and elderly people in rural areas.

One of the widows, Mrs. Makomeli, sends her greetings and says that now, she is very strong, both physically and spiritually. She thought that she would have no joy but now she is very happy as she puts her trust in Christ Jesus. She said she is not alone and
thanks you for the the support she received:

maize flour
tea leaves

Her only challenge is that she lacks a kitchen and cooks on the ground.

We thank God that our president has announced that churches can meet again with a limit of 70 people and instructions must be followed.

Tuesday, I visited our aged women to pray with them. They greet you warmly in the Lord. They said they are fervently praying for you and ask that you pray for them in this hard period of coronavirus.

As per the church, we have the need of fencing the church compound for security because the neighbors’ animals damage the church and wear many paths into the ground of the church compound. The cost for the fencing is $354 US.

Continue to pray for Trinity Bible Baptist Church.

Please pray for the growth of our ministry in Uganda.

Paul and Irene Syaiti