Paul Okoth, Uganda — Patrick

Dear all praying friends and supporters.

I trust that you are all doing well during this hard period of Covid 19

Thank you so much for your help and support you have stood with me am greatly interested to share with you a testimony from one of the brother who was arrested and stayed in prison without his family knowing where he was for all one year.

In 2015 Onyango Patrick lost both his parents after the death of his parents he began to stay with his grandmother. In 2017 he went in a town called Bugiri to begin a business after a period of time he was arrested for defilement, as he was in town his grandmother didn’t know that he was arrested, after one year he was charged and sentence to prison for 2 years he didn’t know where he was because he was carried in a covered prison lorry.

In June 2019 I went to preach in a prison called Butagaya through my introduction he requested officer in charge to allow him talk to me I was called in by the officer in charge, to talk to the boy, he told me that he comes from Tororo and he wants to send me to his grandmother I accepted

When I reached home after introduction to the grandmother she told me that she had lost hope where about of the boy I gave her money I had then she went to Jinja to check on the grandson. She was very excited to see the grandson.

Thank you for your prayers now the boy is out of prison but the house there living in is too weak.

Please pray for them that the Lord may provide 1500 dollars to help them build a house that can help them.

Paul Okoth